I designed a website, and what a difference!!!!

I designed a website, and what a difference!!!!

Hello everyone.

I got Dean's books a little over a month ago and I have to say they are amazing. I joined the academy and I have to say that it is pricless!!!! The information I have learned is unbeliavable!!

When I first started off, advertising for buyers to put on my buyers list I had a YAHOO! email address. I was posting on craigs list and corkin and was only getting 1 or 2 replys. Last week I signed up for a YAHOO! website. The domain name and the site, for 3 months cost me only $26.00, then after the 3 months its under $8 per month for every month.

It took me about 3 days to design the site, I kept it simple, to where once I finised the site, I published it, and went and placed more ads on craigs list looking for buyers for my buyers list and I also put an ad in the sunday paper saying "I buy houses, in any condition." and put my web address at the end. The classified ad only cost me $22.50.

The people that contacted me was unreal, I was literaly amazed by how many people were emailing me!!

I literally added 13 buyers to my buyers list in 3 days and had 35 people contact me about their property that they wanted to sell.

I had a property manager contact me who has multiple properies that he wants to get rid of to free up some cash, some are rehab's and some are fully rented 2 & 3 family properties. I have 6 buyers on my list who specifically buy rundown properties to fix up and 7 who are looking for investment properties that need no work!

So now I am working on putting deals together and making some money!!

I am confident that the website made me look better, or gave me a more professional demanor, I would highly recommed getting a website.

Finally, Dean, I want to thank you for writing your books and creating your success academy. If I never read your books, I would of never joined the academy, and I would never be in the position I am in now. I am so excited and motivated I can't even sleep at night!


What doesn't kill me,,makes me stronger!


Hi Andrew,

I am glad things are working for you. Thanks for the yahoo info and you are getting a great results. You should be up there no time at all the way you are going. Just remember keep yourself motivated at all times. I was so excited and couldnt sleep at all last night and slept only 2 hrs today and still up



Thank you for taking the time to share this information with the DG community about creating a website. Sometimes these things can make a difference and your busines will grow at a faster pace. Good luck with REI, it sounds like you are off to a great start. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thank-you for sharing your experience! I like your proverb or saying.


Invest in yourself!


Thanks Andrew for the info. How do I visit your website?, need to get
some pointers and ideas on how to build mine. PM me thanks




Great info!!

Andrew, thanks for the great info. I will be putting this thru the test. You are on your way to doing some fantastic deals and good luck with all of your REI endeavors...again thanks.






All I can say is Wow! Good for you and way to go. I visited Carol's (freeindeed) and loved it but didn't know how to build one. I knew about hosting and domains but not building. So thank you very much. And it appears you already took off with a huge flying leap.
Go For It,

can we see it

Way to go Andrew! I been at this for 10 months and I don't even have a website. I don't think their absolutely necessary but it depends on each situation. I would like to check it out along with the rest of us if you don't mind sharing.





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