When did you start a business, or did you at all?

When did you start a business, or did you at all?

Hi, I'm new to the site, within the last few weeks.

I was just curious as to when everyone that is willing to post started their Home Based Business.

My first live webinar with the success academy is tomorrow, and I have started listening to the business phone seminar recordings.

I don't have any cash to dump into really anything right now. I'm hoping to do my first few deals without a business first and then create one once I have capital and maybe some assets.

Is this the smart way to go about it? I will only be doing assignments or IEE's for my first so many transactions to build my capital and pay off debts. (to let you know where I am coming from)

Did you start your business before your first deal or sometime after?

can you share your reasons why you did it that way?

Thank you so much in advance. This forum is unlike any I have ever encountered. I'm used to inhabitants going at each other... RTFM or name calling and generally being cyber bullies or being degrading. This is such a breath of fresh air and so encouraging. I can't wait until I am as successful as most of you!




Well I guess this is moot now. I was contacted by the Tax Club and they set me up with an LLC. I am now the owner of my own company!

Talking to them gave me piece of mind. especially knowing that the debt incurred from enrolling in Deans academy and setting up the business will be the business' debt now and my assets are protected (no co-mingling of funds). Still haven't figured out how the whole "pay yourself" thing works but now I have them to call and bug as well as the academy coaches!