What are your GOALS?

What are your GOALS?

If you want to make millions and have financial freedom then you need to have a plan. Make a list of goals that can become reality. Don't list things like I want 1 million dollars in a month. Make a list of goals that you know can be reached. ex:

1 month - I want to complete an assignment

6 months - I want to own atleast 3 homes

1 year I want to have my dream home to live in and car

3 years - I want to have a networth of atleast $1 million and have financial freedom

If you make the list and follow thru with it and work at it then your goals will become reality. Look at that list everyday if you have to, keep pushing and never stop!



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My goals is to make money and pay all my bills



Thanks for sharing your goals with us. It is great to have goals and then put your action plan in place. You may have to adjust your goals up or down as necessary. Remember to keep the drive alive. Good luck in real estate investing ans reaching those goals. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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My goals


1. Complete an assignment w/in 30-45 days. (I better get moving again after fallin off the R.E. wagon lately).

2. Pay off some pressing bills - 60 days

3. Own at least 3 properties over the next 9 months.

4. Living in my own home within one year, if not sooner.


Clean up credit and build a credit score of 800.

1. Complete as many

1. Complete as many assignments as i can in about a 4-6 month stretch.

2. Own at least 5 properties at the end of 2010.

3. With money made then looking into buying Multi-family homes and apartment buildings.

4. Creating enough cash flow for me to semi-retire very young.

5. Buying plenty of land and making huge profits from it.

6. Become a multi-millionaire by the age of 30.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect."
-Mark Twain


1. Have all creditors paid off in 23 months from today's date 6.28.09

2. Own 6 properties: breaks down to 3 SFH & 3 Multi-family by Jan 10. 2011.

3. Having a cash reserve $500,000.00 in 7 years.


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