When buying a co-op be aware of FLIP TAXES

When buying a co-op be aware of FLIP TAXES

If you plan on buying a co-op for yourself or whatever reason it may be, take in mind that there are FLIP TAXES. What this is, is if you buy a co-op in a building and then eventually you decide to sell it, you will have to pay a certain percentage of how much you sell the co-op for back to the building. Some buildings can charge up to 20%, so if you buy a co-op for $180,000 and sell for $200,00, you would only get $160,000! You just lost $20,000. Not to mention all the maintance that must be paid in buildings. Just something to think about and be careful when you purchase anything, know all the facts first. I was shocked when I learned about these huge flip taxes.



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I knew it before

Thats why I never really cared for flipping due to taxes.



Thanks for the information. It is important to know and factor in all expenses (including taxes) when doing a flip. Thus, find out all the facts on each deal so you are not suprised by something when the deal gets completed. Good luck with investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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