Overlooked Sections of this Website

Overlooked Sections of this Website

Many have come to this website to find information about real estate investing. And you have found it. There is a lot of information that is here. Just don't become overwhelmed with the different techniques and directions.

A couple sections that you should keep in mind that may help in your real estate success are found just to the left of this forum. They are "Classified Ads" and "REI Clubs / Groups."

Why? Because, you may find success here. People post properties they have for sale, properties they are looking for and even financing in the "Classified Ads" section. - That sounds like transactions waiting to be put together.

In the "REI Clubs / Groups" there are specific groups set up just to let each other know about deals that are happening or being sought. Again, sounds like transaction waiting to happen.

Not only can you find great information on the site but you can also find success. How about that?



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