Attacked at Lunch- and Dean's next gift for you!

Attacked at Lunch- and Dean's next gift for you!

The blitzkrieg keeps rolling and as promised,
I've got something extra special for you

By the time this blitz is finished, my critics
will either be converts or they will have to
live in total denial.

I'm stopping at nothing to deliver only the
best possible tools for investing in success!

There is one area of real estate that is highly
profitable, and always abundant, (whether we
are in an up or a down market).

I'm talking about Probate, and by the time
you've read the special report I've put
together for you, you'll have the knowledge to
start the process of profiting in this
specialized area of investing in a way that
very few investors know, or will ever find out!


A quick story about something that happened to
me over the weekend.

Jonelle and I were having a nice family lunch,
with our kids Breana, two and a half and Brody
who is seven months old, (That alone can be
eventful;-) and this girl came up to our table
and started a problem.

She said her fiancé had been getting emails
from me and that I needed to quit putting stupid
ideas in his head!

This girl was pretty upset and caught me and
Jonelle by surprise. I didn't quite know what
to say.

Jonelle, the sweetest spirited woman in the
world, looked like she was going to choke on
her salad.

I asked the girl, what in the world she was
talking about and she told me that several weeks
ago, her boyfriend "Buddy" bought my books and
ever since I had been...


(So, "Buddy" if you're reading this now, and
she didn't tell you about our
might want to keep it hush-hush).

That, before my books, he was happy working at
his job and planning for their wedding.

But the last few weeks, all he's been doing is
going on and on about this "nonsense of making
money right now in real estate and some
blizzard" (which I didn't correct her on even
though it's Blitzkrieg).

Well, Brody started crying and things were
getting a bit uncomfortable, so I took control
of the situation.

I told her, "look, I can understand that your
fiancé's new found interest in my teaching
has upset you, but he's NOT wasting his time and
what I teach is NOT nonsense."

In the most respectful way I could, I told her,
she should look at it in the complete opposite

That she should be flattered that Buddy, up
until this point was fine with "just a job."

But since they are getting married, he obviously
wants MORE for the both of them.

(See Buddy - I've got your back baby!)

I went on to say that even if Buddy does not use
my techniques, that real estate is what can
allow them to reach goals I'm sure they have

In fact, give him a couple more weeks and be
open minded and do your best to support him.

Why? Because I'm releasing something so awesome,
it's literally going to open doorways to
opportunities that don't exist for your fiancé
today...right now as your standing here!

She sort of looked at me, like is he the real
deal or trying to get me away from his table?

Maybe it was a little of both Eye-wink

I ended with this.

What if you decided to give Buddy and my
techniques the benefit of the doubt?

What if you blindly supported him and encouraged
him to go for it?

If he doesn't take action, no harm done except a
supporting loving future wife - and Buddy's
first try at stepping outside of the box.

But what if he gets the results so many of my
students get?

What if he builds confidence, strength, wealth
and passion for more out of life?

Don't you want to be a part of that?!

I knew that got her...and I meant it with all my

She stared at me for a pretty long time with no
words, to the point where I was feeling a little

Then she said just a few things, but I noticed a
total change in her mannerisms.

Her voice changed and I saw a caring women
concerned about her man.

She said "This is for real isn't it?"

(I didn't even respond) and she said, "I know he
is doing it for me and I can't wait to go home
and apologize to him....

...but the truth is, if I didn't meet you today
I probably would have pestered him until he

I loved her honesty. She shook our hands and
turned to walk away, then she said;

"What's this Blizzard thing?"

I smiled and said just make sure Buddy reads and
responds to my emails - and you need to read
them as well. She smiled and went back to sit


How many people are so close to reaching their
goals, or even taking step one to try to reach
their goals and someone who is so close to them,
thinking they are protecting that person, talks
them out of it.

It has inspired me on even a deeper level to
break through the barriers so many people have
and inspire them to reach their own greatness.

And all of YOU have greatness ready to go to the
next level.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we finished
our lunch and headed home, but "Buddy and his
bride to be" stayed on my mind.

In a few short weeks, they are going to be among
the few thousand people who will have a chance
to see and get the amazing "thing" I've been
hinting about.

I hope they do!

I hope you do too!

So stay glued to my emails so you don't miss any
of my announcements.

Now, here is the link to get the special report
I mentioned.

Let me know what you think.

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert

PS Remember, not everyone on my list is going to
get in on this and if you've missed any of my
previous gifts, here are the links to access



Thanks for the short story and at least I can get something out of you guy since I can't get transcripts for the videos, audo tapes and etc. That was a great short story from Dean.

Paul T. La Moy

lol, that is some story.

lol, that is some story. Dean better invest in a body guard soon.

thanks for sharing dean !

i really hope for buddy's sake she comes around and realizes that you are the real deal! it would be great if they worked as a team to better their financial future!work together as you have instrumented in creating this site!! i am sure she recognizes after talking to you that you CARE about THEM and THEIR future as apposed to just him. i am sure also that this situation is relevant to MANY dg ers. thanks for sharing this story dean !!


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this sounds very exciting to learn!! and indeed a GIFT to any one who takes this FREE knowledge and starts putting it to use!! thanks dean for guiding us to develop into realestate millionaires!!!! ps:thanks megan for the post!!


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need to sell ?
Need me to FINANCE a home ?

Thanks Dean

Thank you so much, Dean for your determination to make sure we all succeed at REI. There are so many ways to go and so much information out there. It's great to know you provide up-to-date relevant information to help us get there. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next emails!

I'm ready for more!

Each week I'm getting closer to the edge of my seat as we wait for the finale of the blitzkreig! This new special report on Propate Properties was something brand new for me, something I hadn't thought of before. I love to learn something new everyday and your report was my new thing on this Wednesday morning as I read it on my train commute to work.

Thank you, Dean! I keep feeling more empowered everyday and know that my first property is just around the corner (my first few offers haven't yet yielded a property but soon)!

Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry -

This is true for RE..."The best way to learn this business is to do this business." - John Addision, co-chief executive officer, Primerica

Aerialist's Journal - Because Life Is a Circus


Dean, it is remarkable how things happen. Buddy would have never been able to teach her what real estate investing is all about. Situations happen for a reason. You would have never thought of hosting an infercommercial in a restaurant with the family. Instead of a negative, we should look at this incident as something positive. Good job Dean, well done. Thanks also for sharing the detailed information on probates. I feel it will bring increased success.



"You can never get to the top, if you are not willing to climb. Do not look at the difficulty of the climb, only anticipate the view from the top."
"Can't even walk without you holding my hand." (Song)
"Is anything too hard for the Lord ..." Genesis 19:14
"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I will not sleep tonight Thank you Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank you for letting me know that I can be someone too,and not just takeing up space on planet earth. I mean that. It's a bad filling being a no body.I don't won't to be that person any more. Thank you Dean Graziosi,PLASE make me your special case, I won't to be a WinneR- no loser. Francis

You didn't need to give this to us...

... but you did anyway!!! I mean, we got our money's worth buying your books, etc., This is all just generosity now. I probably speak for many when I say that it is a great way to treat your customers.

On a separate note, I usually tire of online communities but this site is the first thing I click on when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I check before turning in at night. Kudos to you an your team for building such a hot space to hang out, learn and meet like-minded peeps.

And THANK YOU again for all this bonus information that you keep bestowing upon us.

Greg Coutu