First Meeting With RE Agent

First Meeting With RE Agent

Hey, I have an appointment this week with a Real Estate agent regarding investing, assignments and handy man specials that are coming on the market. I am in the Academy but just barely getting started. I have no capital but really want to get something going. Does anyone have any advise on how to talk to this Agent or what approach I should take?



Just look at this meeting(interview for the agent) as if you were the manager doing the hiring and the agent as if they were the prospective employee. Don't be nervous because they(the agent)can't fire you, so don't be intimidated by them. If they try to lead the interview, just cut them off and get it back in your control. I'm not saying to be rude about it, just control the interview. When i first went to interview my agent I got ganged up on by two(2) of his buddy agents who were pretty well seasoned in real estate. At first I got a bit nervous and then i thought..."Wait a minute, I'm here to conduct this interview, not them, and so I kinda started to ignore the other realtors questions and looked directly at my agent and resumed my questioning. Turned out i got threee for one.Smiling They all are fairly young and eager guys and very nice too. As a matter of fact we all have alot of the same hobbies and interests in common. Right now I have my agents xbox360 that he needs me to fix for him and later I'll be fixing his computer that no one else seems to be able to fix(I know, I'm a genius)lol. Sorry about blabbing on and on.

Well good luck buddy


Bryant Slade


I appreciate the advice. I have been getting nervous about this "interview", but mostly because this is my first shot at this and I want it to go well. I was also wondering what types of questions I should be asking. I was going to tell them about making the many offers at very low bids, but beyond that, I'm not sure where to go. Again, Thanks for the advice.

Questions for agent

Just look on page 113-114 of the book profit from real estate right now. Just go in and act as if you've done this plenty of times before(they'll never know) and sit up straight and look 'em square in the eyes(but make sure your eye's are the dominant ones). You'll be able to tell if they're going to be right for you just by their body language alone. just to put it more bluntly, if every time they open their mouth and it's a negative towards your positive, then they're not going to put any efforts into your dream. Don't waste your time if they seem to be more negative than upbeat about it. Just cut the interview short and thank them for their time and go find yourself another agent. If you need to, you can even use the ad i ran to get mine. "$$Eager Realtor Wanted$$," and I just went on to say that I'm not looking for someone who wants to sit around on their butts, but someone who's serious about making lots of money and growing with me. You can word it however you feel comfy with. Just relax and practice interviewing someone around you if it'll make you feel any more comfortable. Just remember that you're not going to be interviewed, but to interview them. Hey if it makes you feel in more control of the interview, just arrange to meet them at a coffee shop or other venue. It's their interview, not yours(remember that).


Bryant Slade


Dash6657 be yourself and honor your business interest!


Invest in yourself!

Thank You

I appreciate your advice. I will keep that in mind. I have a second interview with a different agent on the same day, so I hope all goes well with at least one of them. The second one lists herself as a buyers agent, so I thought she would be worth talking to. Any thoughts?

Again, I appreciate your taking the time to comment.


Max........ That was some

Max........ That was some nice advice, too many are cocky with it, it was nice to here someone just being helpful.

Awesome advice........

Thanks Max. for the inspiring advice. I too am about to meet up with local brokers. Right now I am working on wording my ad to advertise for "eager realtors" as you say .

Glad you were able to acquire the services of all three agents. I take it when they could that you were a serious investor and the potential they could make with you , it was a no - brainer.

It's true that real estate is a people business , not just a bunch of numbers.

Good luck -- keep that great advice coming.



I wish you the best with your meeting(s) and hope everything goes well for you. I actually pray that my next big helpful post will say..."I just sold my very first property!!!". That will be the creme de le kre for me as well as a big insperation for alot of others on here.

Well best of wishes to all!!



Bryant Slade

About the meetings

Well, the meetings took place as scheduled and they both went very well. The first guy brought out lots of charts and graphs explaining all the stats one can imagine for the Tucson, AZ. area. He seemed very helpful and eager for me to "hire" him as my agent. He said he would provide all those stats for me every week. However, when I asked for his help finding the right REI Club in the area (which he is the leader of one) he said I should find one easily enough since there are several. He also said that low-balling offers are offensive to many agents and sellers who will eventually stop working with me. Even though he showed me a stat where his office is number one in the Tucson area, I left knowing I needed to look further.

The second agent was a female who was all about her business. She didn't show me any fancy graphs, but she did quote many of the same stats from her head. (That impressed me!!) SHe also said that she loves giving low-ball offers and will protect my interest as the buyer over the seller. She lists herself as a buyers agent. She has investors from many other states and as far away as Hong Kong. She met with me for over an hour, even after I told her I was just getting started in this business. When I asked about REI Clubs, she told me to give her a couple of days so she could find me the right one since many are nothing more than "Hot Air" meetings. That is how she put it, anyway. I appreciated her willingness to help right from the start, and today I received a phone call from one of her bankers already asking if I have any questions and wants to set up a time to meet me in her office. This agent said she would take care of setting up a team for me to work with.

All of that said, I left the second meeting pretty pumped up and ready to go. I want all of you to know that I appreciate all of the advice I received from here. It was a great help, and the questions were invaluable. All of this came about even after I honestly told them I am a beginner, with no experience, no capital, and very questionable credit. We'll see how good these people really are.

I'll keep all of you informed of my progress. Still looking at Assignments as my starting point. Take care everybody and thanks again.


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