Putting Properties On Your RE Investor Web Site

Putting Properties On Your RE Investor Web Site

My partner and I have just purchased a web site and now have a quick and affordable way to market our properties.

In addition to our own properties, we would like to be able to put properties of fellow investors up on the site and see if we can't make a little bird-dog money if we find buyers for them.

Our sight has links to other real estate property sales sights, so the listing would get propogated to hundreds of thousands of other potential buyers.

The complication is, since these investors are already advertising these same properties on at least one or two of the sites my site propogates to, does this represent some kind of legal, ethical or financial no-no?

How does this arrangement usually work? Do I charge them a small fee to run their property listing on my site or just charge a flat $1000 or $2000 fee if my site gets them their buyer?

Am I able to "make deals" with individual investors or sellers, or must I have a "uniform policy" under which property listings are handled?

Obviously if it's a property that I want to have on my site which I feel could produce a quick bird-dog fee, I would be happy for this listing to run at no charge for as long as necessary.

For other properties with little sales appeal, no equity and not much chance of getting sold, I'd like to make a few bucks for carrying the ad.

Anyone with any knowledge as to the legalities and standard acceptable practices regarding listing properties on your website as part of your "inventory" of homes for sale would be appreciated.


You may be on

too something starting a site exclusively for investors to advertise their properties on. More sites they advertise their inventory on the better. You're going to have show them your traffic load (in other words the # of people visiting your website) for your site. You can start by charging them a small fee like I mention you're going to have to justify it by how much traffic your site gets for $1k or $2k finder's fee.


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