Email to RE Agent

Email to RE Agent

This the email to RE Agents. I got this straight from the book. Make the adjustments needed so that it will apply to your needs.

Hi, my name is (your name)and I am an investor in the local area. Due to the current economic conditions, I have decided to ramp up my existing operations. I have set my goal to buy one-hundred properties within the next twelve to eightteen months. Some of these properties I will buy and hold for myself, others i will sell the investors and i will buy and renovate or flip for myslef. Reguardless of the strategy I choose to use on each property, I also need to be very aggressive on the price i pay for the property, especially with the market being in its current status. I have not yet chosen a real estate agent to represent me, however, the agent i choose can not be afraid of offending other agents with lower offers. The agent i choose will also have to be avaibable at all times. I am using serval strategies to buy and sell properties rather quickly, including making verbal offers when permitted. I will also look at alot of properties and only buy a few, therefore an agressive work schedule will be acquired. The upside for the agent who gets accepted will be lots of commission. We will close of properties every month. I will pull an agent in on For Sale by Owner Deals. At all times I will write additional comission in the contract when we ramp up to full speed. All that aside, I am a professional and I expect to work with a professional. I want to make money and I want the agent to also make money. The list below are the properties i am looking to buy:

* Single Family homes 3 -4 bedrooms
* 1-2 bath at 1,000 sq. ft.
* No mobile homes at this time
* No home built before 1950
* No vacant ground
* Located in zip codes 32413, 32401, and 32404
* Only in low- crime neighborhoods

If you have properties that fit this description or would like to represent me please contact me at

(your number)

Thank you for your time,

(your name)


you never know until you find out...