How To Do Online Research For A Real Estate Property?

How To Do Online Research For A Real Estate Property?

Does anybody knows how to do history and background research for a properties

also how can someone know for sure which is the office county websites...

and I would also like to know a list of things to look up on the house when i'm doing my homework for that property...

Thank you and God Bless


You're in luck!

We have a killer research tool free for all members any day now. You just need to be following the blitz to get it!

You can find most title related info from the county. To find your county just type in google: X county records (where X is the name of your county). Not all counties have their data online but many do. Worst case scenario you have to search in person, but I think by now most counties are online.

good luck!



Dean!! Man I got to tell you, you have change my life...

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You can find out a lot of information on-line regarding your county or if you go in person to the county courthouse you can do an in person research at the county assessor's office and county recorder's office. I hope this helps. Good luck with REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks Joe

thanks Joe I will try that way too Smiling Smiling Smiling

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