Question on a business opportunity????

Question on a business opportunity????

Today I was contacted by a manager from Best Western Hotel. Somehow or someway he ended up with my business card. He explained that majority of the his customers that stay there are usually looking for a place to live or someone maybe selling. They get a very good business and he wanted to help me get my name out there. So I asked him how would that work. He told me that they would create the business cards and everytime someone rents a room he would pass out a card along with the key in hand. The price is $2.99 for 20,000 cards to be distributed per year.

This sounds like a very good opportunity to locate potential renters and buyers. But I must admit I am a little skeptical. I made an appointment to sit and talk about this more in depth.

What do you think about this idea? What kind of questions do you feel I should ask? any feed back is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Wayne


"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." — Peter F. Drucker


What's in it for him?! Saying he's going to print up, for you, 20k business cards all for the price of $2.99.


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ask him if he expecting to get referal fee everytime that someone uses your services ? If that's the case you can always offer him $100.00 if you get a sale out of it. Make your its legal with the company policy before you both get into trouble with corporate office in the future. I do think its a great idea that he is advertising for you when people coming in from out of town. I never heard 20,000 business cards for $ 2.99 lol anyway that is cheap to get it all printed up. Let us know how you make out with your meeting with him. After you meet him if you are still not comfortable with it and tell him you will get back to him in a day or two after you ask your DG family for their opinions. Good luck !!

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy


It sounds like it can be a good opportunity. I would meet with him and gather all the facts. As stated above, what might he be looking for such as a referral fee. It sounds like it would be worth your time to meet and gather information. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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