Corporation vs. LLC

Corporation vs. LLC

I want to know who's filing their business under an LLC and who's filing under corporation?

Yesterday, I had my lawyer give me a rundown on the difference between the two. The basics of what she told me was, they're basically the same. With the exception of a few things. A corporation gives you a lot more tax benefits. With an LLC, your personal income is taxed. With a Corporation, nothing at all is tied to you directly, so only your company's income is taxed. Plus the asset protection is much stronger with a corporation. You can also get bigger lines of credit from banks when owning a corporation. I was told up to a million dollars.

I'm not trying to pass any of this off as being rock solid facts. I'm just telling you all what my lawyer told me. I hope it helps some of you in the near future.

And by the way, if some of you need legal advice but don't have the money to pay expensive lawyer fee's, contact me and I have a solution for you.


good info

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I want to see if anyone else

I want to see if anyone else has any feedback or any additional information to give.

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