Soliciting every day people to get funds for Assignments of Contracts

Soliciting every day people to get funds for Assignments of Contracts

I am unemployed and it seems like it is destined to stay that way. I am not getting any responses to my messages to Employers.

Anyone have a Creative Idea on how to solicit Small Amounts of money to give to a Seller if that Seller allows me to Assign my Purchase Offer with him.

I am hearing that some people are using $10.00 to do assignment of contracts but I have a hard time believing this is enough to interest a Potential Seller.

What kind of offer do you think I would have to make to entice a person to lend me $10.00 to $100.00 when I have No Income?


Show them numbers

for their return on investment for investing their money with you to get to deals.


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Use an Option agreement,an option agreement tells the homeowner that you have an interest in the property to sell it to an end buyer,and that your fee will come from the end buyer not him.Let them know upfront that you will mark up the asking price,so they will get the price they want and you will get a fee for your services.You don't need to put any money down on this option agreement,and that it doesn't cost the seller anything.You can put a time limit on the Option Agreement.Once you find a buyer get the purchase contract signed,then do an assignment of contract to your buyer he will pay your fee.
Hope this helps!

Good Luck & Good Investing


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