Excited and Hungry

Excited and Hungry

I recently joined the DG family and I am excited to make my first deal. I am currently waiting for my EDGE kit to arrive. I understand that this forum is a way for all of the EDGE members to interact but I am looking for a work out partner. I am looking for someone to work with for accountability reasons. I guess its the same as having a partner in the gym...someone to push me and someone I push in return. If you are interested in this please let me know and we will exchange information.


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We (DG fam) are all here to spot you, don't hesitate to share details of your deals or potential offers and we will help you (within limits of course) in any way that we can.


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Derek G,

Congratulations on taking action and ordering the EDGE home edition. It is packed with a bunch of great information and conepts to apply in today's market. The DG website is also packed with information and great people and we are just a click away. So jump into the forums and continue to increae your REI knowledge. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Congrats on joining the team and taking action. You will find success if you follow the tools Dean gives you.



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