locating investors?

locating investors?

I am having a hard time locating investors in my area. I have checked the internet, Craigslist etc. Newspapers,searched for clubs,asked other friends and no luck any sugjestions. Thanks


buyers list

one thing i used was craigslist you can join and open an account and post ads for investors
and add something in such as buy 20% FMV

news papers as well

in Dean's new book profit from real estate right now there is a whole section on marketing for both buyers and sellers great tips he also has templates for you to use as well they work really well.

good luck hope this helps

this might help as well

put up a cardboard sign

I put up cardboard signs when I had a house under contract and got tons of calls on it. Most of them were retail buyers but their were a few investors. Just put up a ghost ad that you are selling a house and put a very low price on it . Just be aware that you will get a lot of calls so let them go to voicemail or your 1800#. Figure out from the message who is an investor and who is not. Just an idea!




Check this out!

I've had really good luck from this site http://www.meetup.com/ I also bumped into DG students from this site as well.
good luck!


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