RE Full-Time or Part-Time?

RE Full-Time or Part-Time?

Hello Community,
So I'm about to buy the book, "Profit From Real Estate Right Now". I'm a senior in college at Penn State, looking to get into RE in one year after I graduate. My big question is, does everyone on this site usually do JUST RE or do you work another job too?

On the page where I buy the book, I was reading through the testimonials. Todd Bittner mentions, "The only thing that I regret out of the situation thus far is that I wasn’t able to start earlier. If my wife would have seen your program six months or a year earlier, I wouldn’t be working right now. I would just be doing real estate investing..."

Do you think I should look for a regular job my senior year of college, (it'll be difficult in this economy, I'm a Finance major), by attending Career Fairs, applying for jobs and networking, or do you think I can safely bank on the fact of doing RE after I graduate?

Another thing that affects my situation, in a positive way, is that I can live with my Dad after I graduate. Without a wife or children, I don't have any commitments. I only need to support myself, and my Dad is willing to help in the meantime too. But of course I want to be independent. How quickly does it take to get started?

I look at RE as a chance to be my own boss, work at something I'm passionate about (I'm sick of school right now, just trying to finish one more year), become financially independent, all of that. But right now I'm trying to decide if I should spend time trying to get a "backup" job too. The first Career Fair is in September. Sorry about the rant about my situation. My question is, is it safe/risky to do RE full-time? How many of you work another job as well?



I feel the same way, and

I feel the same way, and while it could be a full time job. To start out I would suggest having another job as well. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket! You know it is possible to make money with REI and you WILL do it if you use the right techniques! Still, for the time being you will probably want something to fall back on. I am a student as well, I'll be going into my sophomore year at college. Sometimes I feel the same way as you. I think to myself, "If I am going to use REI as my full time career, then what is the point in the rest of my college career?". Then I realize that just in case REI doesn't work out to it's fullest right away I am going to need a way to support myself and a college degree will help supply that. Any way your put it, the choice is yours, but think it through before you make a decision you might regret.


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PA-greg I like your question...Do you settle for what is the current trend or Take your passion and run with it!Understand,Nothing wrong with Meat and Potatoes(Working for some INC.)BUT,You will never know true passion(what you want to do)Until you make that decision.
Rosefield says:Take an job that gives support and leaves more time for your passion.Good post PA!


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