Chat Room

Chat Room

Wouldn't it be great if we could have some chatrooms on here that we could get together in and talk in real time? Dean, would that be possible on here? Anyone else think that would be good idea?


Chat Room

I think that would be a great idea,but have a topic name so if someone is looking for some specific info they would know which chat room to join.


Sounds like a great idea to

Sounds like a great idea to me! Good thinking man.


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That is what I was thinking

That is what I was thinking whurndon. Have a different chatroom for each forum topic, so that we could go in and talk about the days happenings and we could all celebrate together when a deal is done. Well, we will see what happens.


Great Idea

I think that is a great idea. Im always on here wondering Hmm...I wish I could chat with someone and ask some great questions.

One on One chats could be beneficial

It's a good idea but it would need to be well organized with so many asking questions and getting answers. Perhaps a chat one on one would be more beneficial, but not a general chat.


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Hi everybody,
This forum is an community based on different levels.So with that being the chase,A chat-room would not be feisable.What too focus on is...The great info shared!


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Chat room topics

Good thinking,

I think that is a great idea. That way if you are in the middle of a deal and need some different angles to look at to see which way you want to approach your citation, you could go right to the chat room for/of that topic for some ideas.
Especially for beginners or just to refresh our minds.

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Don't be a blister and show up after the work is all done! LOL

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My vote is YES to chatroom.

Great idea....

to have a chat feature here.


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