Age Limits

Age Limits


I'm not sure if this belongs in this section of the forum but I don't know where else it would go! Smiling

Anyway, I'm knew to the site and I just recieved Dean's book Be A Real Estate Millionaire and I can't wait to get reading, I'm really excited about getting into real estate. I just feel that I have on quality (for lack of a better word) that may keep me from doing any of age. I'm only 17 years old and I don't know if it's illegal for me to do any of this stuff or not, could anyone help me?



your age

Yes you have to be 18 or older but you can have a guardian to make deals for you if you can get the guardian to mind you.You know they think they know more than you. Or you can study realestate until your old enough!Anyway welcome to the web site if I can help in any way let me know!

You've helped me a lot

You've helped me a lot already! Yeah, I don't think my parents would do that for me, but my 18th birthday is in a couple of months so I guess I'll just study up until then!

Thanks again!


Congratulations for taking action and getting a great education on real estate through reading Dean's book. When you turn 18 and the real estate deal is there you will be prepared to take action. This can be a tremendous career for you and provide many financial options for later in life. Good luck with your investing career. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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ZACH, i have a great idea, study hard, read and reread the books, ask all your questions on here. learn all you can. lock up the house on contract, decide what exit strategy you want to use given your credit, and the amount of money you have and find a deal. get all the details worked out and make it close on your

!!!!!! BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

WHAT A PRESENT, a check for several thousand dollars on your BIRTHDAY. how cool is that................

good luck and happy investing....

P. S. i would also like to suggest that if your moving away to college. buy a place and rent it out and have your tenants providing your spending money at college and you dont have to pay for housing, or even get a job.......




Hi Zach ran across a guy like you in one of my trainings with another Realstate Teacher and he was with his Dad and was from another country and he said the same to me about age, and I told him so what, go to a REI CLUB and talk to other investors and get cards and hand them out( that will get there attention), let them know your serious!!!!!!!Talk to Realtors let them know what you want to do( those that work with investors), who said you cant find deals for other investors, who saids you cant, cant, cant , cant, look out of the box you just might be suprised what may open up to you.Study as you go, you never know who may show up in your life that will open that door.Send me your email and phone number.Always remember when we reach only then will things happen, exspect hurdles they will come but thats how we grow and mature, much success, Jim ( I had a person not long ago who found a job and asked me if I was interested in it, I had to laugh to my self, hadnt had a job in over thirty years and dont want one, they ment well and thats ok!!!!!!!!!)



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