Saw this tip on a webinar the other night.

Saw this tip on a webinar the other night.

And I just had to share it. It has helped me out a lot this week.
IN IE 7.0 or better or firefox 3.0 or better you can create tabbed group sets. then you can open all the tabs in that set at once. Now here is the kicker!

Set up a tab set for all of your local newspapers set to the real estate section and wahlah, you have one click access to the sites already at the real estate page to begin looking.

Set a tab set up for all of the FSBO sites, In IE right click on the folder in favorites and select open in tab group. Then you have all the FSBO sites up for easy searching.

I have a tab set for the surrounding county auditor sites so I have quick access to that information.

There are many other sets of sites that you can do. I have ordered the kit by Larry Goins that already has many search sites in it. It was called the ultimate buying and selling machine.


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Thanks for the tip!

Tony! That sounds like such a good idea. I'm going to try setting this up this evening. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

All the best,
Nancy D.


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