L.I. Rehabber looking for moneyman

L.I. Rehabber looking for moneyman

You fund 'em, i'll fix 'em. Experienced contractor needs work. DG member since 07/08.



ck this site out

Hi Richard, ck out this site as there are many resources for money that may be helpful. http://www.scotsmanguide.com/

I'm on Long Island as well and have been networking with other investors and trying to put JV deals together. Lets connect and perhaps I can refer you to those who need a trust worthy contractor to work with.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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Thanks for your reply


Thanks, I had tried that site a year ago without any success. I was also a member of Lireia until I saw too much BS going on and hearing how many people were getting screwed on deals and other ventures.

I did a rehab for an investor last year, I lost almost 10K and he just about broke even - it was our first, the timing was about as bad as we could have planned it. The market went south right after he made the purchase.It took a year to unload it. Buyer got a great deal on a totally renovated home.

You can reach me at that email address (in my first message) or at my website : http://www.homeimprovement-li.com