offer letter

offer letter

Hello everyone,

This is my first forum and I am so new to this website, my partner introduced it to me and its been a pleasure to benefit from. I have a question that I can't find the answer to thru this site or any other place for that matter here it is PLEASE all help is needed and apprectied. I'm trying to come up with an offer letter to present to potential sellers regarding there property what should the general content of the letter state? I have the formula for the fmv giving me an offering price but what else do I present them with? I'm stuck


Offer Letter

Hello everybody,
tandi hobbs welcome to a great RE forum to post your comment.The best thing i have heard on offer or any paper-work is...Who is going to chose your deals.Who is closing your deal...Would want to be in it from the start!Offers can be verbal/Paper- Work should be friendly for your closer.



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I've had the same problem and looked thru almost everny forum on this site looking for an example of an offer letter if anyone can show me and example of one I would be grealtly appreciate it.

P.s. the offer letter is the only thing holding me back...

Buyers list...done
Website.... done
Flyers and marketing tools...done
Voice recording...done
Still working on a real estate agent but until I find one Ill keep moving forward...


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tandi hobbs Offer Letter

Go to google search bar and type in real estate offer letter,it should pull up some examples that you can get a basic idea on how to create an offer letter.
Hope this helps.

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thank you

Your suggestion is much appreciated.. thanks a ton.....

If you aren't wanting to

If you aren't wanting to submit offers on a purchase agreement then you can take a look at this thread.

You can adjust it according to your needs because he did a great job putting it together.


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