I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to Dean and all the members of this site for helping me stay on track. Without Deans books and all of your tips and encouragement. I never would have had the courage to go out and do what I am doing if it wasnt for Dean and all of you guys. I really love this site I visit everyday at least 2-3 times daily. Thanks again and good luck everyone!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations on reading Dean's book and being part of the DG website. It is packed with great information and resources. Good luck on all your deals. Believe nad Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Isn't it amazing? The best support system by far. The knowledge you gain here is irreplaceable! Contined success...............Lubertha



This Site

This site very reliable and trusted. The knowledge and experience from the members is very valuable and beneficial for helping in avoiding costly mistakes.


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I think you and I join and received Dean's books. I am really glad I invested the money in those books. This site really helps and it's great how everyone is willing to help others succeed. What I really like is the real experiences everyone has actually experience now that's learning.


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Bill. this is the real deal right here. Where else will you receive this wealth of knowledge from so many people at one time. As members, we pride ourselves on being positive role models by providing pertinent information the will not only inform, but educate those in the family circle. Good Luck and God Bless in your Real Estate Investment career.



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You're absolutely correct!

You're absolutely correct! This site is great! Keep us updated on your success!


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Best REI site

I love this site as well. It keeps me on track. When the naysayers around me come down hard - I come here for inspiration and a boost.

The DG family is so supportive in sharing information and even documents they use. Thank you all for your input and encouragement.

To the Newbies a big thank you for posting your questions as it helps keep the Oldies on track as well. We've been where you are - it may take a little thought on our part to give to relevant and correct information, but it is worth our time.

Don't be affraid to ask questions - remember "The only dumb question is the one you don't ask!"


amazing site

best by far


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I agree 100% with you that this site is amazing!

What is more amazing to me though is amazing people who participate and the way that we all help and support each other ... I think it is a testament to Dean, after all you draw to yourself like minded people, look at what this has generated!


Incredible site

I am brand new and I have many many questions to ask, but I feel I can learn just from reading the forums in this site, it feels like family and that all who paritcipate want to help.

thanks to all