Funny/negative feedback from a realtor

Funny/negative feedback from a realtor

Here is a series of e-mails I got from one of the realtors I spoke to today.

yes, I work with a lot of investor's. They all have their own money.

On our residential contract's it states that it is NOT to be assigned without both parties in agreement, period. Sounds like youve been going to seminar's! Most of the investor's that I work with have their own money and cut out the middle man, which would be you in this case. Typically both parties DO NOT agree on assigning the contract.

2nd e-mail from her

first of all, your not going to get another Realtor to take an offer and knowingly know its going to be assigned. And Im telling you right now, more than likely the buyer and seller are not going to go for it and by law they have to agree. There is no incentive for them to do it that way when they can sell it easy enough without assigning it.

Double closings? Now what might that be?

There are no get rich quick plans, if there was, wouldnt everyone be doing it? What you ought to do is go to Real Estate school and become a good Realtor, then you can set your own pace and become wealthy if you work it.


Success and Nothing Less!

another e-mail I just got

another e-mail I just got from he. keep in mind i didnt respond to her last one because i didnt feel it was necessary to explain myself to her. it's starting to get on my nerves.


let me explain, what you are trying to do is what a Realtor does, finds homes for investor's. Only difference is, were licensed to do so, your not. Also say I send you homes, you find a few you like, you want to make an offer and write a contract, then you want to assign it to an investor. Number one is, no Realtor will submit a contract to a seller without a pre-approval letter, on you, who wrote the contract. You dont have a pre-approval from a lender, do you? Because at 19 yrs. of age, I doubt if you have any credit, most young people dont yet. Now say, your not going to write the contract, your going to find the homes with other Realtors showing them to you and THEN your going to find an investor to write the contract, in all that time that goes by, the house is gone. Houses low priced do NOT stay on the market very long, and another Realtor is not going to waste her or his time showing them to you, to assign them to someone else. Its just not done.


Success and Nothing Less!

Blah Blah Blah

I hate dealing with realtors like that! They just can't see the big picture what so ever and it drives me crazy!! Realtors are starving for money and we try and bring the money and opportunity to them and they say it cant be done. I like how she says I'm sure you don't have a pre approval letter b/c your only 19 and people that young don't have credit yet!! I bought my first house when I was 20 and had a 700 something credit score!!

Move on to the next realtor!! Dont waste your time on her!


When you make your first

When you make your first million, stop by the office where she works and show her what kind of money she could have made with you.

Good luck,


And then give her the name

And then give her the name of the realtor that helped you along the way and be like oh by the way she is now a millionaire also!!


Everyday is a good learning experience. Today is the day to find another realtor that you can work with that can see the big picture. Just like finding the best deals takes some time and effort, so does finding a good realtor and other members for your real estate team. Good luck with investing and don't ever let anyone deter you from your dreams! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks for the posting

I'm a new REI and haven't spoken to realtors yet. I'm so glad to have read her emails so I can see what I'll be facing. If I had received those emails from the first realtor I encountered, I would have been crushed. Most new investors are too fragile for that type of rejection, lol.

Well, good to know that you're at the point that you can laugh it off. I'm building up a thick skin now, so I will be able to laugh it off also when I encounter those close-minded knuckleheads.


Just remember

Just remember that a lot of people are out there doing just what you are trying to do and they are making a ton of money at it everyday! So when someone says it cant be done just laugh at them and move on. And then we you do make a million dollars at it go back to them and wave it all in their face and say thought it couldn't be done!!

So glad you posted this...

...and even more glad you know enough to not be bothered by what the realtor said. Unfortunately, people decide immediately to make judgements and it was shortsighted of her to assume you wouldn't have a good credit rating due to your age. Since some kids in Junior High even have credit cards nowadays (co-signed by their parents -- at least in the area where I work)so that is certainly an outdated assumption.

As you know, investors follow the law while having a freedom real estate agents don't have. People resist what they don't understand or when they feel threatened or fear. When she insinuated that you have to be licensed to find homes we know that to be blatanly wrong.

One of my favorite sayings is:
"He did it because he didn't know he couldn't."

By the way, she can do what we do, invest in real estate, but my experience has been that when I've asked real estate agents if they invest the answer across the board so far has been "no." I would bet many other's on this site have found the same thing, which amazes me because of anyone they seem to have the fastest access/opportunity to find great deals.

Keep on and you will success!
Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry -

This is true for RE..."The best way to learn this business is to do this business." - John Addision, co-chief executive officer, Primerica

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What a load of crap. I have

What a load of crap. I have spoken with people PERSONALLY that have done assignment of contracts and people that have bought a contract. I spoke with one guy that averages 50k per assignment. I spoke with another guy that just did an assignment last month and made 15k from it. These Agents/Realtors are threatened by the assignment strategy because they feel left out. If they took the time to think, they would see how the opposite of that is true.


Hi Brian,
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it doesn't have to be your reality. Fear is the language that is being spoken here. Fear is only the absence of knowledge. You are correct in not responding to the negativity. I would however send a quick note to let them know that you hope somewhere down the line that they would see the missed opportunity for all parties. I wouldn't leave them to think that for one minute they created fear or self doubt. You don't need her or his approval to succeed. Your time is valuable. Somewhere down the line the outcome of your success will cause you to cross paths. Your efforts will speak for themselves! And then I would move on to a realtor that sees the potential. Leave it on a positive note. Continued success..........Lubertha



LoL...but not really

Wow, sounds like she's either jealous or upset that a younger guy like yourself is learning in a few months what took her years to learn. The way her e mails read it sounds like she threatened by some of the tactics and strategies you've learned here.
you'll run into this quite a bit in some cases so make sure to grow thick skin and the patience of a saint to deal with these people. It ALWAYS looks better later on when you keep a cool head in a hot situation and gains respect from people in position to work with you and be a blessing to you.

It's pretty much the 10% rule or the "tithe"
And that is when you do something like this or anything out of the ordinary only 10% of people will understand this and support you, the other 90% it will go right over their heads and you get responses similar to what you posted above.
Dust your feet off and find those few gem stone agents that get deals coming in left and right.

Best regards,


John 14:6


Congratulations on getting started so young. I'm glad you can see how ridiculous what that Realtor said is. She is just uninformed and a little arrogant to act as though she knows all there is to know about the world of REI. I'm not sure why she feels she can answer as to what every other REA would do. It's too bad she is not open to the fact that there is still a lot more she could learn and really sad that she feels the need to try and dissuade you. I think the fact that you realize you don't need to explain yourself shows maturity and the resolve you need to be a successful REI. As tennball81 said, make your millions and, as Indiana Joe says, "don't let anyone deter you from your dreams". I look forward to hearing your story.