Buyers Where are You????

Buyers Where are You????

Ok so I put an ad on Craigslist which read Investors wanted for multiple investment properties(I have no Properties but I am looking for buyers) So I get replies and I let them know that I sold my last property and I was just trying to find out what investors where looking for in a property and they respond with no im not interested. What am i doing wrong???? I really am starting to doubt myself in this whole thing. I cant seem to find any buyers maybe I should just focus on sellers for now and the buyers will come? I have found a great REA and she is also a DG member so I think this will be a great thing. IDK like I said IM doubting myself Im trying and nothings happening can anyone give me some solid advice? Thanks in advance any advice is nice.

Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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I have looked into REI clubs and there arent any near me!!!!


Find the deal...

Find the deal and, if it's good, you will have no problem finding a buyer! There are too many new investors trying to build a buyer's list and many investors are passing if the wholesaler doesn't have a deal. Get a property locked up, use v-flyer and post it on CL, backpage, etc. I guarantee your phone won't stop ringing. When they call you can tell them you get deals like this all the time, take their information and that is how you build your buyer's list.

Press on...

Hitman9 Buyers list

Don't just consintrate on Craigslist,Craigslist is overloaded with ads.Go to
Google search bar and type in (FREE Classified ads sites) you should pull up at least 50 or more sites that are free to advertise.Signup for a free account and post your ads.Its FREE Marketing.



Are you targeting WHOLESALE or RETAIL buyers?


I am a newbie in this business, and just put up my ads online.
I am targeting wholesale buyers.
In my ads, I advertise that I have a great 3BR/2BA single family home.
I advertise that if they want discounts FAR below FMV, to call me right away.

I am praying and hoping that these ads will get me INVESTORS/BUYERS like crazy!!

If, perchance, they do not - should I concentrate on finding properties first? What kind of properties? FSBO's? For Rent signs? Etc...

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You stated - "Get a property locked up, use v-flyer..."
What is a "v-flyer"?


V-flyer is like a virtual flyer that helps you promote the properties you have for sale or for rent and it helps you make nice ads for craigslist and other classified ads. I hope this helps. You can just google vflyer and it will tell you what you need to know.


Go to... and it's free for a personal account. You can post to flyers online at a time for free. You can also go to They do the same thing.

Press on...

Good to know

Thanks for sharing,this is great information. God Bless.



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Sometimes I think of the movie "Field of Dreams". You may hear thw whisper that states "build it and they will come!" Often the same is true about about new business venture. Build it and they will come! Thus, make sure you let the world know you are a real estate investor. Pas out busienss cards and network, network, network. Try posting ads in local stores and even consider a small local paper in your area like "Thrifty Nickle". Yo umay even want to pass out fliers in a selected part of your nbeighborhood to see the reposnse you get. Certain neighborhoods have more rentals in certain areas. Find our those areas and advertise. Also do not forget you mobile billboard in vehicle. Get door magnets so everyone and anyone can knoe you are an investor. I hope this helps. Goodl uck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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DON'T GIVE UP! I do the same on CL and get little to no response on my investor adds. I get a decent response from buyers vs investors, when posting "WHY RENT? YOU CAN OWN!" adds.

Seriously tho man, you found an agent who is a DG follower themselves!? That is fantastic! Don't take that for granted! That means they understand exactly where you are coming from and where you want to go! That is HUGE! I read constantly of people struggling to find a Realtor/agent who will even work with them, let alone be right there on the same page!

Unfortunately, I do not have any solid advice for you. But don't give up just yet! I understand you feel frustrated, but try looking at the positives instead of the negatives. How long have you been here? How long have you been learning from Dean and his programs? Now, how much have you learned in that time!? Look at how far you've come in such a short time. Don't look at how far you have to go! You will be there in no time, just keep on keepin' on! Smiling

Keep the faith my friend! Good luck to you! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Thanks Mike!!

Thank you Mike for all those kind words and great advice. Also thank you to everyone who posted on this thread. I am keeping my head up and grinding away. I will succeed!!!!! Thanks again Talk to you all soon..

Chance Property Investments

A Chance Worth Taking!!!!



Not a problem. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement (or sometimes a kick in the butt lol!) and sometimes that little bit can go a long way. Stay positive and keep up the good work!

Good luck and keep us updated! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

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