Is There Anyone In CT?

Is There Anyone In CT?

Is there anyone in the Ct area who could give some advice on the REI business? I have read the book and still find it difficult to land a deal. I have found a couple REAs but they mail me listings and do nothing else. I ask about the best areas selling and get no response. I am trying to maintain a upbeat attitude about the whole thing. It just gets hard after awhile.

If anyone else reads this and is not from Ct please fell free to reply...

Ohh yeah I found someone on here who was an agent she said she would work with me then never contacted me again. IDK maybe it was something I said???? I told her I would not take no for an answer and she sounded as if she beleived me. Guess not.......

I just really need direction.

1 Find a Deal??
2 Find Buyers...
3 Sell said Deal...
4 Repeat??

Please Help......


Hi Hitmen9,

I don't have any good advice since we are new at this and haven't found a realtor to work with (there is one who is a possibility though.) So the only suggestion I have is to keep trying.

My husband was talking to a real estate agent a few weeks ago and the conversation was going well until he told him that we are investors then the conversation went south.

You'd think I said hi I have leprosy and tried to shake their hand or something LOL.

Best of luck finding a good agent to work with and please let me know how it goes.

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