Cost of the Success Academy

Cost of the Success Academy

Was wondering, what the cost is to join the success academy? Any info would be much appreciated.



i believe the coaches gather what you can afford in relation to what you need or want. they talk to you and find out what your goals are and steer you in the right direction that they think will best suit you from what you tell them.hope it helps..just call them it does not cost anything to talk to them and learn what they have to offer.i believe you will be glad you did!! I WAS


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Success Academy

Hey All ,, I`m new here and awaiting my books. I was trying to get some info on whats included and pricing. I just cannot seem to find it here on this website. HELP.....

AA213 & Paracliff

Paracliff - I see your post was from August. Sometimes there are so many they get lost before we have a chance to see them. I hope you got the answers you were looking for and would love to hear what you've done to date!
AA213 - Congrats on ordering your books! You are going to eat them up when they come. They are full of so much knowledge and inspiration - just like this site! As far the success academy goes, its like Jay said above. I believe it is a customized program to each individuals needs and circumstances. When you get a call from them feel free to ask them any questions you have, and then take your time considering it for yourself. Personally I credit the online lessons as one of the best motivators and catalysts to my success, along with all the information, support and encouragement from everyone here on this site. So again, congrats on getting started and welcome to the DG family!

It still dididn'tome !

Thanks laurajohnson, I`m happy to hear your views. It will probably be some time until I will be able to participate in the success academy unless i am selected to attend without upfront funds.That will not hinder me.I will rely on all available info provided as i see it is in abundance.

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