Probate question

Probate question

I found a notice to creditors add in my local paper and found that the Personal Representative lives in South Carolina and the house is in Michigan. I looked the personal representative up in the white pages on the internet but the number it is giving me has been disconnected. Does anyone know any other ways to find peoples phone numbers?

Isaiah Durst


finding people's #'s

Hi Isiah-

Did you try just googling the person's name in South Carolina? Maybe that will work.
Good luck finding the people and getting the deal.


Hi Isaiah

Don't know how to get their # but if the PR's address was posted send them a letter or postcard. That's what we're doing because of PR's unknown state of mind at the time.
Don't know if the PR's attorney would give it out but maybe it's worth a try.


I Agree With Denny

If you have the address, just send out a nice letter to the Personal Rep and all beneficiaries stating 1)your condolences during this difficult time 2)and say that you understand they have a property for sale and you specialize in these situations and can help.




Like the other DG memebrs indicated a nice letter to both the Personal Representative and the Attorney may get some results. You may also want to try a neighbor next to the home, because sometimes the neighbors may know how to reach the personal representative. Good luck with this potential deal. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Try, it searches multiple sites at once. Good luck


Thanks for all the help. I will try a letter and see what happens.