self realization

self realization

i don't know where this came from...but i just had an epiphany.

i just had a self realization as to why i haven't been successful in real estate yet...i've been centered on myself. i've been focused on getting myself out of debt, or getting extra money.

i don't know if this is a quote from somewhere else but, "the key to success is having a genuine interest in helping others."

a true real estate investor is interested in helping others. everyone gets a piece of the pie. the real estate agent, the handy men/rehab dudes, the buyer/seller, etc. everyone should win! that's a true deal. the handymen get work, the seller gets a good profit, the buyer gets an affordable place to live, the real estate agent gets commission.

you shouldn't be centered on buying something for nothing and selling it for tons of profit.

so if anyone ever feels down and out about investing, just think about how you can help others. that's making a truly great deal.


"how you do anything, is how you do everything."

AMEN to that!!

Dean is a prime example.


Lead by example.

I agree that the truly successful people are measure by how many peoplethey help along the way. As stated above, Dean leads by example. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

"I am naive enough to think that I can do my part in helping change the world, and if that's a bad thing, then, so be it, the Question is....who's coming with me?" - Dean Graziosi


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Well said Pat

No one can disagree with that. Like Dean always says, make the deal a win/win for all. It is then and only then, you could say you are a true investor. God Bless.



"You can never get to the top, if you are not willing to climb. Do not look at the difficulty of the climb, only anticipate the view from the top."
"Can't even walk without you holding my hand." (Song)
"Is anything too hard for the Lord ..." Genesis 19:14
"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A perfect world

I like your world where everybody gets a piece of the prize...I really mean that.Something called "The law of average"says different. If you say something and can back it up...Who is to say,You can not do it!!!!
Just be-careful patbrown,After all it is called(BUSINESS).Protect yourself thru contracts,Pay your bills and give everything you have to give(after the fact).

What spark this is:{Seller gets a profit}In your post or (thread).
Please explain how seller gets profit,I am not talking about FICO score?
If i did not ask,What kind of wholesale/invester would i be.



Invest in yourself!

Kindered Spirit!!

Hey patbrow...

I highly admire your conviction and in this case, your self realization. I think that the more positive you are the better things will turn out... Ultimately!! Sometimes it takes a long time to realize this, but I believe it to be true... Speaking of laws, I really believe in the law of attraction. The more you think about success, positive things, etc. the more inclined you will be to have it all start to gravitate towards you. It's crazy but generally it works.... Heck, the book "the secret" is pretty much founded on it and if you haven't read it yet, I highly recomend it. You will be amazed how many of the truly great individuals history has brought us, simply used these tactics!!

I wish you the best, and I also want you to also take care of your self first as well. I tend to agree with Randall a little bit becuase the good people that try to look out for everyone tend to get taken advantage of. Believe me... I can speak from experience... So, I recomend do the best you can, think positively and one day you will be in such a great position that, THEN, you can make it your mission to help as many people out there as possible and cement a true legacy for yourself!!

I wish you the best and God Bless!


Robert M. Burkett CPA

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I say this all the time but thats only because of how true it is. I Love This Site!!! The support and positive energy is absolutely amazing. It seems that everywhere you go there are so many selfish people. So unyeilding of anyone else around them. Its really sad. If you dont have anything to give, then you have nothing to receive.

Its just so comforting to know that no matter how many self-centered people we have to deal with daily, we can come here, to a group of strangers we refer to as our DG Family, and know that everyone is here to help everyone.

So once again, Kudos to you patbrown!


Tracy Lynn

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You are Right PatBrown,

and I agree with bombercpa about taking care of yourself first. Like the the saying if you are on a plane that is going down you must put the oxegen (spelled right?) on yourself first in order to help others.

Yesterday we looked at 2 FSBO's, 1 is a probate property. Both owners are asking more than they are worth but we will keep them on our radar as Indiana Joe says.

The lady we spoke to 1st (probate property) was telling me that her husband is ill (my Dad had the same illness) so I was able to give her some words of comfort (I hope I did anyway) and direct her to a source that can be a huge help to her and her husband. So even if we don't work out a deal down the line (and I sure hope we do) I also hope that she reaches out for help because she has a long and difficult road ahead of her (not that I said that to her.)

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

Put Your Mask on First!


I was totally thinking the same thing and should have talked about it in my post, so thanks for bringing it up. It's a great example for sure!!

Take care everyone...


Robert M. Burkett CPA

Stay Active & "WORK IT OUT!!"

Get your "Daily Dose" & check out my journal at the link below!! I would love to hear from you as well!

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