I Just need to make a move!!!

I Just need to make a move!!!

I sit here and read all these posts and I get very encouraged by all that people say. I just have a problem with just going out there and doing it. I found a house awhile ago and made an offer it was rejected but since then I have really shut down. I cant seem to build a buyers/sellers list. I really dont seem to know what to do. I post many ads Ive put out tons of flyers. IDK what Im doing wrong. I know I will not stop I will never quit till I acheive my goal. I really just need a good kick in the butt and get it going. My spirit has been low but I need to push forward for myself and my family. I have received great advice here and I just need to push forward and get it done.

If anyone has any great ideas about what they are doing to start off. I would love to hear. I am trying to do deals with no money down Because I dont really have any. My credit not good but not to great either I still know I can do this.

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A Chance Worth Taking


Only You stand in the way!!! Get out of the way!!!


Do you have any friends or

Do you have any friends or relatives that might be looking to sell or buy a home? If so, maybe you could start out by helping them find a buyer for their house or help find a home for them to buy. That would give you some practice in dealing with real estate. Just a thought!! Keep at it, it will all come together for you sooner or later.



A key here may be network, network, network. Try to meet other investors in your area. Talk with realtors, brokers, bankers, etc. The more people you meet the more doors that may open. It is a numbers game so the more business cards you have out there the more results that may come your way. Keep the faith and good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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