Help!!!!! Am I Breaking The Law????

Help!!!!! Am I Breaking The Law????

I was wondering what the difference is between a Real Estate Broker and an Investor because in some forums I have posted ads and people are saying I'm breaking the law by offering houses for sale or being able to help someone sell their home in 45 days or less. Am I breaking the law do I need a license to buy and sell Real estate? If so what license do I need because I will get it immediately.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice given.....


No worries

No, you are not breaking the law. The only way you can possibly break the law is if you tried to sell a property you do not have under contract. IF you give particulars about a property (e.g. 123 Main Street, Anytown, PA) and do not have it under contract and try to sell it, THAT is ILLEGAL. However, if you do not give an address, you are simply providing a service.

Also, you do not need a RE license to sell property as an RE investor.

I have had these same responses to my posts. They are probably:

a) competition
b) real estate agents
c) lawyer/investor
d) confused on the service you offer

The difference between a RE Broker/Agent and an Investor is this:

*A RE Broker/Agent represents a seller and/or buyer by attending open houses, marketing, etc. and earns commission on the sale of the house. In other words, the agent/broker DOES NOT have any interest in the property.

*An investor is someone that can buy/sell a property (also known as controlling the property) to buy and hold or hand off to another investor. The investor does not market the property or list it in MLS. In other words, the investor HAS interest in the property.

Keep pushing forward, you are not doing anything illegal by the sound of your post.


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