Is Everyone Aware That Your Journal can Be Googled??

Is Everyone Aware That Your Journal can Be Googled??

I was shocked to see that I could google my journal info. I mean if no where else where can I share my thoughts and fears. I don't want someone googling my business name and my journal appears. Because in it I have some doubts and I don't want people to think I have no clue. I really think that can be a deal breaker. Because who wants to do business with someone who is unsure of themselves. Even if it was just at the beginning of your investing career. I just wanted everyone to know you can google it and find out whatever you want. Try it for yourself I don't Know I just want somethings to be private.



Holy google, Batman

Thanks for the 411 Bill. I'll be careful on what I post


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Thanks for letting the DG Family know! Hopefully there is not a lot of collateral damage to your business name and reputation. Any motivated seller/buyer will probably be forgiving if you can help them out of their situation, so don't give it a second thought and charge forward! See you at the TOP!


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Watch what you say

I'll give it to you straight, THIS IS THE INTERNET! Everything you say and do can and will be held against you in a court of law. I suppose Bill Ramos is your real name too. I'll give you the advice my attorney gave me; Never use your real name or picture, and for God's sake NEVER DISCUSS THE DETAILS OF YOUR DEALS. There are a lot of RE ambulance chasers out there. Go read the book, "Own Your Own Corporation." The author is one of my attorneys, and his company set up my LLC's. These are assets we're talking about, and you are right to want to protect your business name and reputation.

What do you call an ambulance chaser riddled with bullets? A good start.

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I just Googled my business name and was able to access my user account on and read all of my "topics i've participated in" even though I am logged out of Kind of wish that was private too!! Like Bill said, I wouldn't want a client reading some of that stuff. Particularly the parts where I am unsure of what I am doing!



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It is an internet forum so I know nothing is private on the internet; however, I didn't think how it could so easily show up in a google search of a company name and such. Yikes! Thanks for the posting. It's good information for us all to have in the back of our minds.
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Be Careful!

Yep, everyone needs to be careful out there! Especially what you write, becuase, yes, we have the freedom to say what we want in America, but depending on what you say and how you say it, can still get you into a lot of trouble!!

The good thing about this forum is the fact that it is so POSITIVE!! Therefore, I wouldn't think many nof you would have to worry about what you say becuase most of the time it is sincere, genuine, and intended ONLY to help other people out there. I don't think that can be used in a bad light!! Smiling

By the way Ryan, the reason you still were able too see info such as your tracking and log into your account is becuase you have "cookies" installed on your computer from the DG website. See, even though you were logged out, the website recognized that you were the "originator" so to speak and allowed you to gain access to the account. I'm almost positive that no one else would be able to actually access your account because they don't have that cookie in their computer and of course do not have your login info. Hopefully that makes sense, but remember I'm a REI / CPA guy, not an IT / internet wizard so take it with a grain of salt!! I'm just a novice computer guy that's just "good" enough to actually get myself into trouble!! lol Smiling

A healthy bit of advice for everyone is to, number one, make sure you create a very secure password not only for the DG website, but for all websites, software, etc. Yes, I know it's a pain the butt, but not nearly as much of a pain as when someone steals your identity and you have to try and fix that! Whew.... Two, everyone should always do some consistent maintenance on your computer to help it run much smoother which includes clearing out your cookies and temp files. Even using windows simple "cleanup wizard" can make a real difference and help to protect you in the long term!

Hopefully this info is a somewhat usefull for most of ya!!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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Makes sense! I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to the technical part of it.


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The lesson here is...

don't put ANYTHING on here (or anywhere online for that matter) that you wouldn't want ANYBODY in the world to be able to access, read and perhaps misinterpret. It's sad because this is such a great forum for networking and documenting our journey to success, but in this day and of our MOST VALUABLE ASSETS is our identity. And once somebody's got a hold of even a small piece of personal information about you or your business, your reputation, your security and your financial well-being is in jeopardy. The technology these days is definitely a double-edged sword. Use it cautiously.

Thanks for sharing

Much needed information, thanks for sharing, do appreciated. Always good to know who's looking, in this case, the world.



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I'll be succinct--well said!

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Well, I just posted my first journal. Then read this forum. I tried googling my journal several times and several ways. I didnt even come close to finding it. Im not saying that it cant be done or that I would be upset if I did find it. As many members have already said, when youre on the internet, anything you type, send, receive, post, view, etc., can be revealed if someone is determined enough to want to look for it.

Private or public, whats the worst that could happen?? Someone stumbles upon it and learns something new themselves. Someone learns that they too can benefit from Deans system as many others already have. Someone could have been wondering the very thing you posted and they came across and now they too have benefited from the success of the website.

That is, afterall, why this website is here. To offer help, advice, support and knowledge to everyone-- to include "googlers".

I also understand that some users may have had the impression that their posts were confidential. At the same time, when you first join the site you are instructed to Read The "Rules"! There you are informed that you should never post "Personal" information as it may be accessed by unwanted contacts, spam, etc. If you want to ask something or say something in private, you are instructed to use "Private Messaging"

I think it is a good thing this topic was brought to the surface so that others who may be uncomfortable with it and thought it was 'confidential' are now aware and can take precautionary steps to be sure personal info isnt revealed.

I love how everyone on this site looks out for one another. The support here has yet to cease to amaze me. I love it!!


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Good post.

I was so paranoid when I first came on the internet/the site last year. But if you realize that anything you post ANYWHERE on the internet could possibly be found and used, you just write with that in mind always. I agree with not posting specifics of deals (mostly because I wouldn't want anyone involved in those deals to feel uncomfortable if they read it), but we're all human. I think the journals are great because we ALL go through stuff, even the people that seem to have it all together. Heck, look how free Dean is with sharing his own life with us. I'm sure it's bit him in the butt plenty of times, but it's got to give a sense of freedom as well.
Thanks for the warning. It is definitely good to know and keep in mind. Thank you, too, for sharing. It is so great to be a part of such an awesome group of people looking out for each other. Smiling



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There are many skeptics!!!!

Since starting on my journey I have run into many skeptics in what I do and how I do it. All I am trying to do is make a great living and take care of my family, but there are many people out there who beleive that this is all whooey and if they were happen to stumble on how im unsure of myself or im new to this then they may not want to do business with me. Thats the only reason I let everyone know that this info can be googled and Im not saying it will be a bad thing but some may see it like that.

This is the greatest site ever I just want everyone to know that maybe their insecurities may be looked up....Thats all........

Well said.

I definitely understand what you're saying. I think its great that you brought it to everyones attention because others like yourself who dont want that info available to everyone can now be a bit more cautious. I apologize if my response earlier came accross as argumentative as I did want to remain neutral with it. But think of it this way, if someone were to stumble upon your journal, you could be inspiration for someone else to overcome their insecurities.

Everyone starts somewhere and in this business, this website is the perfect place to start.

I wish you and your family the best and I hope that you are not discouraged as to not continue posting. Everyone learns from everyone here and just like your topic on this post, without your observation and decision to surface it, others may not have noticed.

Again, I wish you the best and keep your chin up. We are all here to help eachother.


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