My Fears

My Fears

Hi everyone!

I recently had so much pressure and my mind is not so happy, so I decided to talk it out here.

I love dean's book and ideas but I have so much fear:
Someone from Dean's team kept calling me to join the Success Academy, but I don't have any money/credit how am I going to join?
my fiance is so negative about real estate and we almost had a fight. So I decided to do things my own, but I can't keep thinking of fixing houses on my own? (I am so short & little I cant even lift a thing how am I going to fix houses?)
I am young and I look like a 19 year old (everybody told me that, although i am already 23!)how am I going to make the sellers believe in me?

Is anybody living in NY and have the same fears? If yes maybe we can parnter together?? sigh.. U__U

Can someone help? Or yell at me for such small gut?


Annis ^.^

If you want to fly with Eagles, do not hang out with Turkeys!

Fear is common among

Fear is common among everyone! Dean talks in his book about the many people that read the book and put it on the shelf doing nothing. That's where you have to be different! Sure it can be fearful, but you'll never change anything by doing everything as usual. You have to make the change in order for it to happen. Don't let the negative comments get to you. It can be done, and there are plenty of people on this site alone that you can use as proof. How are you going to get sellers to believe in you? Research everything you can and run the numbers multiple times until you're sure you've got everything down. There is a saying on this site, "Fake it til you make it". This simply means that even if you don't know how things are going to end up and aren't 100% sure of yourself you can fake the attitude until you actually do make it. Keep positive and keep us updated!


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