something doesn't want me to succeed.

something doesn't want me to succeed.

i just moved to a new city (nashville TN) a few weeks ago, and i started my new job last week.

It all started about two weeks ago…I had some slight back pain, which slowly worked its way down in to my right leg. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t walk, and the pain was completely taking over my life. So, I drove myself to the Vanderbilt ER.

They did multiple tests including an ultra sound, CT scan, and an MRI. They found a blood clot that went from my lower back down to my right calf, about three feet of clotted blood. The cause of this is my inferior vena cava (wikipedia it for an accurate description).

My inferior vena cava is very narrow compared to a normal one. Therefore, I’m very prone to blood clots. I have no problem getting blood to my legs, but I do have a problem getting the blood back to my heart. This is highly unusual for a healthy, non smoking 23 year old. But this has been something that has been compiling my whole life. I’m lucky they found it now. A blood clot can break free and go in to your lungs, and you can die very quickly.

When you’re in a hospital in a city where you don’t know anybody, it sucks…big time. When the nurses ask if you have any family in the waiting room, everything comes to a halt, and you have an immediate realization as to how insignificant you are. When you have to say "no," you fully understand that you are alone. No one is going to come see you.

I didn’t eat the first 48 hours I was there because the doctors wanted to be prepared for the worst. If I had a full stomach of food, they wouldn’t be able to sedate me in case I had to undergo emergency surgery.

I was there for six long days. But i'm out now, and I’m going to be ok. I have to take blood-thinning medication for the next six months. I also have to give myself a shot twice a day for a while. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this hospital visit or my medicine. I started a job a week ago in which I would receive health benefits after 90 days of working, but I was in the hospital after only 4 days of starting this job. Luckily the medicine is only $4 to refill at Walmart. But the shots cost $100 a piece. $100 a pop, two a day, you get the idea…But overall, I’m very happy to be out of the misery and excruciating pain which I was in.

This is something that will change my daily routines forever. I have to monitor my blood and keep it thin on a daily/weekly basis. Since my blood is going to be very thin, I have to take precautions so that i don't get cut and bleed to death. i'm not sharing this as a sob story or a "feel sorry for me" kind of thing. something doesn't want me to succeed. it really doesn't. i took a huge chance and moved to this city where i don't know a single person b/c my old town had very little opportunity and i wanted a better quality of life. not to mention, a better chance at real estate investing.

i'm going to be a success story. i don't have a choice! i don't have a choice other than to be positive and succeed. this new challenge is going to make it harder than ever, but maybe that's just what i need.

that's they way i have to look at it. wish me luck.


"how you do anything, is how you do everything."

Dear Pat

Well, I wish I was closer because I would come and visit you! As I read your post it made me feel very compassionate towards your situation, and at the same time made me very grateful for my own. So often we fall into taking all the gifts we get in life for granted and your post is a wake up call for that. And I am so proud of you for turning things around to say you know you WILL succeed and come through this situation. So of course I wish you the best of luck - stay positive, keep the faith in yourself and remember "If God brings you to it he'll bring you through it".


I agree with Laura. You are an extraordinary young man who has been through a lot, but you still have the right spirit. Your future is bright. Just keep looking at the positive. REI will be a fun and physically safe route to success and all that you need to cover your new expenses.
I will be praying for your healing along with your financial success. If you ever need someone to talk to, please PM and I would be happy to give you my #.

God bless,



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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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You have a new cyber family, if ever you need encouragement, someone to talk to, or even a positive boost. I haven't been in the family for long, but I found very positive people here. All of us suffer setbacks, and although yours is different than all of ours, we all can come together and get a shot positiveness which is FREE and eventually WILL get you and many others in the black with there finances and in life. Keep going onward and upward.

best wishes
Ed B.

Everyday is a new opportunity

I am hapy to hear that you will be okay. Every day that we are allowed to open our eyes and rise out of bed is an opportunity. Sometimes we can get rapped up in our day to day activities, but each day is truly a gift. I wish yo nothing but good health and success. And you can tell that you have the support of these fine people on this site.

I decided to check out your post

Hi Pat,

Hopefully you got my return email this morning! I decided to go ahead and check out your post too...

I said most everything in my email already...

But I wanted to let you know I'm praying and pulling for you!

Just know while your start may have been rough, you have moved to an AWESOME city at a GREAT time. The opportunity is enormous here in real estate. We just have to take action. Just take this "slowing down time" as a time to soak up everything here on the site. So much to learn!

You can call on me anytime...there are so many great ways to get plugged in here in Nashville. I have lived here for 8 years...7 of those years as a single person who moved here knowing no one. You are in the right place!

When I get back from out of town, I look forward to meeting you. Maybe we can meet up at a Nashville REI meeting too!

Take care of yourself.
Be well,


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You have gone through quite a lot in a short time with making the decision to move, discovering and being treated for the blood clot and changing your lifestyle because of it. The most important thing that you decided to do is determine that you will be a successful investor. I look forward to reading about your first deal


Hi Pat

Believe me when I say I feel you and I know exactly where you are coming from. BUT....

and I say that with excitement. It is a sad thing about the blood clot but if it were meant to kill you it would never have been found. If you were not meant to be in your new town you would never have found a way to move there. If you were not meant to find opportunity you would ever have gotten a job so fast.

NOW!....failure is not out to get you - you are simply being tested. In this life that we live, there are times and situations that leave us wonderin "WHY ME" well - why not you? If you never suffer through something, face adversity, face a challange or face anything serious, how can ever truly know what it feel like to succeed.

So know this, everyday is a good day when you can still wake up and open your eyes. When you can talk about the things that are trying to block your way, but realize that that too shall pass. Everyday is a good day when you KNOW that even thought you were lying in the hospital room with no one there with you in a strange new city - you were NEVER alone!

and you NEVER WILL BE!

So lift up your head, straighten up your shoulders and put some bounce in that step - GREAT THINGS IN LIFE AND REAL ESTATE ARE AWAITING YOU! - don't keep them waiting - remember you are NOT alone.

One da soon you ill look back on this situation with a small smile and think - WOW! Look how far I have come in such little time. Failure was truely NOT an option!"


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this website is truly amazing!

thank you for all the love and support.

this website continues to blow my mind every day that i log on.


"how you do anything, is how you do everything."

Hey Pat Good Luck

God Bless you Pat

I know the Feeling When everything seems to be against you but don't
You worry you will become a successful real estate investor and you are going to life long enough to tell Gran kids about it

Good Luck with in everything you do

God Bless


Whoever said life was going to be easy. God said that we will endure trials and tribulations, but he is there to bring us through them all. As Anita said, we all face challenges at some time or another, however, we have to stand strong and conquer. We have to prayer and believe that things will be better. We are all here for a reason, and God has no intentions of taking us to himself until he is good and ready. Pat, you are a trooper, you did the course, you ran the race and is victorious. What is important in this whole scheme of things are that we remember who was there when nobody else was. God is with us, when we are healthy, sick, at work, at sleep and when we are doing REI. God is always there. Having that confidence, we can do and overcome anything, and I am speaking from experience. May God continue to hold you in his magnificent hand and keep you safe. God bless.



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thank you again for all your

thank you again for all your support.

it's going to take a lot to stop me from changing my life through real estate investing.

i should be at 100% capacity in a couple more days. today was the first day that i could actually walk without any pain.

but until then, i'm soaking up everything i can. the last thing i want to do is lay around and be a human vegetable!


"how you do anything, is how you do everything."