I'm 18 and just starting out, Is this worth it?

I'm 18 and just starting out, Is this worth it?

Hi everyone, i'm a 18 years old and just entered my first year at college at university of rhode island. I am very interested in starting to invest in real estates but I have predicaments and i am just very concerned about starting in real estate investing and don't want to dig myself into a deeper hole im already in. I dont have a car, i have little experience with real estate (But i seek to learn!) at this age or with my status would you recommend me doing this? i am about to start with the online coaching program and im hoping it would be a great investment and an amazing experience. Am i going to be in way over my head or can i do this? I have confidence but i do lack the true experience of someone whom is older, been through the world, and one who is works in real estate in business. I would seriously love to hear thoughts about me doing this, i am a bit nervous but very determined as well. Should i wait? im just a little confused. I feel la little pressured to start now because i hear now is the best time for real estate and i just don't want to miss out on an amazing time to do so. Has anyone ever started so young to start investing or a business for that matter? I also don't want to miss out on college life, i am planning on investing time everyday towards this but is it THAT time consuming?
Sorry for all the questions, i really appreciate it. Thank you everyone.


18? check these out cause age don't matter



Basically, what you put into it, you will get out of it...I don't have much time, but hope the 2 links above help ya out


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You can definitely do it!

You can definitely do it! Without a doubt!


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Age has nothing to do with it! Now is the time and you can do it! Check out the links Marc gave you, dig in and have fun!



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You can do anything you set

You can do anything you set your mind too. I started really getting interested in real estate investing when I was 19 and now at 20 am actively looking to accomplish my goals of owning 2 rental properties before the year is up.
Remember the hardest part of anything in life is Starting! And you can't succeed if you don't take that 1st step.


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Definetly pursue REI

As I'm 35 years old with a 7 year old daughter & 5 year old twin boys, I sit and read this thinking how much time you have to study & make this happen. I only wish I had met the Investors that I have around me & learned REI at that age. Even if it takes you a year to get up and running, it will be so worth your time to learn and change your life forever. We all felt the way you do at that age & I can say the same thing, age has nothing to do with REI, It's a mind set. Good Luck, Hope you keep going & look forward to more success stories.


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Wow I really wasn't

Wow I really wasn't expecting all of this positive support. Thank you guys all so much, i really appreciate it. you seriously have motivated me to get started with something life changing. I'm getting started with the real estate coaching team in a couple of hours to start with everything. Thanks again everyone! you'll be seeing me around.

I'm only 19 and having a bit

I'm only 19 and having a bit of trouble getting up and running with my first deal, but I feel as though after the first one is done with it will be smooth sailing. Just like Jason said, even if it takes us a year to get up and running we will still be ahead of the curve. I've spoken to many people that are only in their 40's that have told me if they would have gotten into real estate at my age they would be retired already.


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Taking Baby Steps

I started looking a year ago and almost put in a contract then for a place
and didn't. I was rushing into my 1st investment without finding out
enough info. I'm glad that I took the time to find out more about different
areas and type of homes to invest in. My 1st REO settlement is this week and
I know that this time is the right time. The home's in a growing area and
a great vacation, retirement and family community. I know that it will be
worth much more money than what we bought it for. I started looking at it
online in the spring and after all these months, we will settle soon! I've
been taking the baby steps and now I'm walking! Good Luck!



I totally agree that age has

I totally agree that age has nothing to do with it. If you want to reach something and are ready to do everything to reach it, you will succeed. Don't forget, that internet is the biggest library in the world, so it will help you to find everything you need: news, statistics, tips, advices & more useful information. Good luck.

I am a 19 year old

I am a 19 year old prospective investor also, and additionally was wondering the same sort of thing. I know i have the motivation and ambition, but being fully loaded up with college and maintaining grades, the precious issue of time becomes extremely compromised. I am really looking to get ahead in life, and feel that if you dig, it is impossible not to make money in REI. I am looking to start coaching soon with a flexible plan I think we worked out. I am really excited about starting my career so young, age is just a number!

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Go for it

The same as Jason I which I had the opportunity to start at 18 probably by now I will be enjoying the fruits of my efford. I went to college for 5 years and I've been doing RE investments for only 3 1/2 and believe me I've learn and make so much more investing on RE than the years at college. You are always learning but with RE you learn what will make you successful and will take care of you for life. Now I'm getting my kids going and hoping by your age they will have a few deals on their own.
Just go for it, is like learning to drive a bike you will fall a few times but later you will be doing it with out even thinking.


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Congratulations on starting with real estate investing. You can do this! You have to believe in yourself, create an action plan and learn and do a little each day toward your goals. If you don't have as much time as you desire make the most out of the time you do have. Even if you only do a deal or two the first year, you will be so far ahead and have the experience which is priceless. Good luck with real estate investing! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Yes you Can!

Go for it! There are not many job opportunities in the state right now. NOW is a great time to start this business!!!


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Go for it Dude!!

I wish that I would have started this many years ago. I look back and kick myself for not taking advantage of deals that I could have had very easily. Now I am really serious about it and I'm not going to let anyone steal my dreams. I have a real hard uphill climb but I believe that I, with the help of my creator and a great support team as this, I will accomplish my goals.

So don't let anyone stop you now is the time go for it with all the passion you can muster.


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