Need help choosing which agent to go with....

Need help choosing which agent to go with....

Hello fellow real estate investor!
I have met with about 12 real estate agents and have narrowed it down to the final two, but am not sure which way to go.

These two both meet my criteria;
Great reputations
High levels of energy
Hungry to make money
Experience with investors
Would work well with me

Here are some of their details. Do you think I should go with A or B?

-A lot of connections with other agents(is part of a large office)
-Is totally ok with submitting as may offers as I can give her.
-Very detailed(brought sample copies of her offer contracts and some MLS lists she thought I might like.)
-Very High energy(is finishing her Masters in the evening and still got top sales in her office last month.)
-Has a Property Managment division and brokers inhouse
-Mainly a seller only lists for her investers resells

-Focuses only on a few key areas, but knows those areas very well
-short sale expert. Is a Certified Distressed Property Expert
-She is only comfortable with submitting bids 3 at a time
-Gave great general advise(be careful about disclosure, bank to private sale ratios, ect.)
-Already has a go to contractor, appraiser, and inspector
-Is part of a small office

Any advise would be great!



Why can't you use both agents? I would think maybe a or b could be better depending on the type of sale that the property you find is going thourgh.A dose sound better overall since she knows alot of other agents...That's a big plus in my book.If I did have to choose one it would be A all the way....

Thanks for the feed back Dan

I am just starting out and want to build a solid relationship with my agent.

Yes..I understand..

I THINK I might have finally got a BREAK & found a really good agent myself(I sure HOPE)cause I can't anyone to REALLY help me get into a HOUSE! for myself cause I'm at the very bottom of the price range of the area that I want to live in but I'm hoping this has changed now as I'm just waiting for the agent to get back into town from some big REO meeting so yea this really seams to be a agent that a go getter & that's totaly the type of agent to find!I will totaly stick with her if she dose help me that's for sure!!

Good to hear!

Let me know how that works out.

I like "A"

Sounds like you did your homework. Both sound good. Based in the information you gave, I like "A". She seems very organized and very experianced with investors. It would probably come down to who you are most comfortable working with. I would not try to use multiple agents for the same area. You might get involved in a dispute over who supplied you with a property, and who is entitled to the commission.

Wish you much success, Al



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go with "a"

"A" sounds like she knows the business. Keep us posted on how it works out.

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She is off like a rocket. haha I let her know that I wanted to work with her and she requested all of the docs to get the financing started. She wants at least 3 pre-approvals through her brooker since we are going to be up against cash offers. Also, 3k good faith and proof of funds. Our goal is too start submitting offers mid next week at the latest!
She also asked to call the other agent I was considering. She doesnt want me to miss out on any short sale opportunities and wants to work a deal with the other agent. win-win-win

Sounds like you picked a

Sounds like you picked a winner! Good work!


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