Dean Has an Email Imitator!!! BEWARE

Dean Has an Email Imitator!!! BEWARE


I just checked my email and got an email from "Dean Graziosi []" with a link to some weird website that I didn't click. I am more than positive this is an imitator because I don't think dean would send a newsletter out unless he was using his email. AND I DO NOT SUGGEST GOING TO as it might cause a problem or two.

I am also positive this isnt him because the email said:

"Today's real estate market is in the toilet.
And that's precisely why there has never been a better time to create a fortune with real estate investing.
Renegade investor sets record straight.
See what's happening: (website url was here)"

And I KNOW thats not how Dean talks.. LOL

I just wanted to warn the community to save people from any viruses or computer problems.

The DG Admin team might want to make an announcement about this.


P.S. I also can forward the DG team this email if you want to take a look at what was sent.



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