discouraged in San Diego

discouraged in San Diego

I've put in well over 100 offers since first getting Dean's book late May & only had 1 accepted, then the buyer I had lined up dropped out & I couldn't find another one.

Now it seems sellers want the cash buyers & I want to use Dean's no money/no credit techniques.

Does this really work EVERYWHERE & if so, why isn't it working for me?

Thanks for all advice!




It can be vey frustrating when you do not get offers accepted especially when submitting more than 100 offers. That is a great effort! I hope you may have been able to streamline your offer process and learn a few techniques along the way.

When I first started it was hard because in my area some homes were very expensive. Thus, I decided to go look in other areas that were within a 1 hour drive from my home. I found a couple of nice areas and made some offers and got them accepted. It took that first one to really see what we could do with this. Thus, I am confident Dean's principels and techniques can work in any area and try to keep the faith and do all the right things and good things will happen.

You may want to try searching for small banks in your area that may have REOs or try to find a few probate sales. The key sometimes can be to try to find that motivated seller. Good luck with real estate investing. I look forward to reading about your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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If it was that easy,eveybody would be goin it.This country is based on credit and for that,Go find your credit! People are people that are going thru what you are going thru,The trick is...If you do not want it(I am not saying need)i am sure someone else(that wants it)will get it!
List what you want and take it.
P.S.Never be afraid of any market,If you have action in a market like S.D.Cali.(Hot zone)just make sure you cover your 6;This is business and nothing more!S.D. Cali.maybe strong enough for up markrt swing,If you are in a buy hold idea/True investers will not touch it


Invest in yourself!


You cannot get discouraged. Anyone to get discouraged, should have been me. I have been on the site for more than a year, before I made my first deal. Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. Things will change, continue to read your books, visit the site at least once a day or as many times as you could, develop your buyer's list and search the web or newspapers in search of FSBO properties. There is no turning back now, this is the REAL DEAL here. Now that that is said, what are your goals for the next two to five years? What are the time-lines for these goals? How do you intend to accomplish these goals, i.e. your action plan? Of course, do not forget the importance of giving back, as we always say "it is in giving that we receive." God Bless, and all the best in your real estate endeavors.



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Yes, you are correct with San Diego REO's as I have put in over 70 offers in the past. We just came in at a time when things started to change & new investors are over bidding on these properties & the inventory went low. Take a step back & try something different. Going after REO's is what every Investor is doing & that makes for tons of competition.
Do you have a Mentor?
Do you attend the local REI meetings?
If you don't, I highly recommend both.
A Mentor will keep you focused & push you in the right direction
The Local REI club will get you insite of what's working in our area.


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Hey Jan,

It works in any market, in any area. You can't stop at one buyer, keep looking for buyers consistently. You need to build a 'list' of buyers so you have backups. When I tried to sell my second property I got turned down by 5 investors because it wasn't cheap enough for them, the 6th one said yes and we drew up the assignment contract. Had I not kept looking, I'd have lost the deal and not made $25k on the assignment. So don't stop building your lists of buyers and sellers. Don't stop putting out offers, and finally DON'T give up if you hit a brick wall. Go around it, under it, over it, but never stop your momentum, because it's hard to get started again when you do! I know it's frustrating, but when you get do get the deal, it closes and you walk away with more money than you ever made working a job, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment you can't put in words other than 'laughing all the way to the bank!' Eye-wink

God bless,


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Building Buyers List


Thanks for the encouragement, I really needed it! Any tipson finding Buyers outside of what Dean's book recommends. I continue to use his techniques with no results.

Thanks again,



Hi Jason:

Have a mentor that says I have to get out of the CA market & invest in other states. Looking for a mentor investing here now. Want to be my mentor?