S Corp or LLC in Nevada or Wyoming

S Corp or LLC in Nevada or Wyoming

Hi all,

My husband and I have read a few books on real estate but never do anything about it until now. As we are trying to get started, we would like to reach out to the forum.

Has anyone opened an S Corp or LLC in Nevada or Wyoming? Any pointers?

I asked the Tax Club to give more information on the opening of an LLC in Nevada, they said that there was no point now to do this now unless you would like aninimity. I have read multiple articles contradicting this comment.

For those using the tax club, why did you go with them? Are they as helpful as they sound?

Just wanted to get started in the right path....



I have a llc in WY

I opened my LLC in WY I paid $800.00 to have my attorney draw up the paperwork, I applied for my Tax ID through the IRS website myself and also my D&B through there website. I chose to use an attorney so I didn't miss anything but the small business association has a guide to help you if you choose to do it yourself.