Killer Tip

Killer Tip

When driving around neighborhoods look for houses with "For Rent" signs in the front yard. When you find one call the number and ask these 4 simple questions:
1. "I'm calling about the house you have for rent on 123 Maple St. Would you be interested in selling the house?"
If they ans. no , then ask
2. "Do you own any other houses you'd be interestes in selling."
If the ans. is no, then ask
3. Do you know anyone else who has houses that they may be interested in selling?
If the ans. is no, then ask.
4. Are you looking to build your personal portfolio? From time to time, I come across houses in this neighborhood. Would you like me to contact you when I know of a house that becomes available for sale in the area?

Happy Hunting


Thanks charlie

That is really good way of asking the right questions I will use that.

Great Idea

Thanks for sharing. The odds are pretty good these days that a home with a for rent sign is one that they have tried or are trying to sell and are using renting as a back up plan.


This is great info, gets down to the 'nitty gritty.' Thanks so much for sharing your tip. We will give this one a try.

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Thanks for sharing

Wow, I am new to this whole thing and am blown away by these helpful hints.

Thanks again.

great idea

thanks for the tip. i'll try it out this week, i'll post my results here

Killer Tip

Thanks all,
When I come across other tips I will post them. For all you new people remember this, think of Investing as the same as going to school. Some people pick up things faster than others. I am a slow learner, except the more I understand, the faster I learn. Don't give up because you too will understand the process. Like they say, "If it is easy everyone would do it".

Happy Hunting


very nice...I like that idea...Very smart...


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good idea!

I like that; I also used a similar one; I'd run an add for a house, something like, "rent to own or little down" then when I get the calls, I would say, "well I already rented that one, but I have. . . . . ." and take down names, info, monthly they can afford and location, etc, school district and have built a substantial buyers/sellers/renters list that way.
thanks again.
grady out lookin' cross town for another good deal


crosstown looker

Great Stuff!

Nice idea! I'll definitely be using this tip! Thanks!