New Person (Mickey2000)

New Person (Mickey2000)

Hello everyone my name is Mickey D and I currently live in Washington state.

I have already read "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and half way through "Profit From Real Estate Right Now".

I am now beginning my real estate career at the age of 49 and very excited. I was a Drafter/Cad Operator for 30 years and also retired from the Air National Guard (Dept of Air Force) after 23 yrs of service. I was activated to go into Qatar and Iraq in 2003 and returned in 2004.

Presently I am on disability after having both of my hips replaced and needless to say the surgeries did not go well.

Now I have about $90,000 of debt due to the medical bills, credit cards, and short sale of my house. "Oh what a year" (2008)

To start, I was thinking of getting my real estate license, then I came across Dean's books and I am now conflicted.

Should I get my license or just do investing to start out?

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know?

Thanks very much,

Mickey D.

God Bless You All.


Welcome Mickey2000

Welcome...Is your credit all shot?I would sure try to invest if you can reguardless of weather you get a RE license or not....


Yeah my credit is shot but that will not stop me. I read last night hoe to do those no money down deals, awesome. I am going to start investing first and also work on my real eastate license at the same time.

Mickey D

Another newbie...

Hi. My name is Ric and I just finished a 3-day seminar in San Diego with a competitor and saw Dean's infomercial a few days ago. I then bought Dean's book and am well into it already. I prefer Dean's style, especially this website, and the ability to communicate online with others.

Although I live in the San Diego area I will probably buy/sell/rent in the area where I grew up in Ohio because the houses are much more below market, and there is still a good rental market. Plus I have family in Ohio who can "oversee" my operations there.

I'm also considering "hard money" lending in the near future, but have to look into it a little more before I jump in. If anyone has any thoughts or advice regarding hard money lending, please feel free to put it out there.

For Mickey2000: By all means, start RE investing and get the RE license if you can; being on the inside and working the streets is a definite advantage. You get to see the properties before they get published.

Regards and good luck.

DesertRat Ric


Thanks for the advice.

I just finshed the "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" book and strated the actions steps 9in chapter one. Pretty easy LOL.

I am also starting the real estate study course for licensing tommorrow.

Mickey D.