Phone Conversations

Phone Conversations

Handling the phone as a customer service rep for a telecommunications firm is one thing but talking to a seller is a tremendous step taken outside my shell. My mind is reeling from the idea that I actually have to speak and understand what I'll be saying to gather information and make offers. How do you get past this problem?


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The more you practice at calling sellers, the more comfortable it will become. The key may be to ask the questions and try to get the sellers to do most of the talking. You may want to first try calling on homes you are not as intrested in for practice and to get your questions down. Then was you gain the comfort and have your questions in place, start calling on the properties you are targeting. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe an Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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phone conversations

That is a great idea joe about practicing with sellers you're not interested in to get some practice . jim

I'm sure everyone here can

I'm sure everyone here can relate to that problem. It can be tough in the beginning. I just try to get through it by calling as many as I can even if I know I don't have any interest in the property. It can be great practice for it. Just remember they are as eager to tell the information as you are to ask for it.


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Talking to

seller is like talking to anyone else you'd meet out in public or in your neighborhood. Talk conversationally with the Seller (don't sound scripted on phone) but also be polite. When you call them, the seller will typically ask you, "What do you want to know (regards to their property)?". You can response "Mr./Mrs.(or Miss)... can you tell me about the features of your home?" And then they will typically respond back rattling off everything about their home. Let them talk, they will tell you everything you want to know regarding their property including what the neighborhood is like. As you're writing the information down, you can slip in clarification questions (e.g. "You said there was a pool,correct?" Seller response "Yes or No". You're basically calling them to gather any information you might not have written down (while their talking) or gotten from their Ad.

You can start the negotiations over the phone or at the kitchen table (whichever way is comfortable for you). Only after you've gone to see the condition of the property. I can't overstate it enough, you need to know the condition of the property, that you're pursuing for a deal, before making an offer. Back on topic, you eventually will have to meet them, face to face, to have them sign all the contracts if y'all have come to an agreement on the terms. Talk to them there is no reason to be intimidated by talking to another human being just like yourself, it doesn't matter what social-economical background you come from. Be polite be honest and forward and foremost, talk correct grammatical English.

God Bless with your REI.


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