Finding Probate Listings

Finding Probate Listings

Hello all!

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me find any newspapers that contain "notice to creditors" in the Long Island NY area. I looked in all the papers I find and online. No Luck! If anyone can put me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I dont want to lose my momentum.

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Try a google search 'notice to creditors' for your county/town to find their website.

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hello kpohal

I'm getting in probate my self to eliminate competition.In my town I could hardly could find the notice to creditors,so what you should do,is go to your local probate office and look for the latest post of probate cases,they would be hanging in front of the office, and if you don't see them just ask the probate office workers about them anyone can see them, and then work from there best of luck.

Thanks for the input guys.

Thanks for the input guys. It seems in my area they dont put the notices anywhere easy to find. Ive been online and looking in any paper I can find. I will try the probate office. Good idea. Thanks again. Best of luck to all.

finding probates in newspaper

I go to the back of the paper near the want ads they are under the legal section in my area

Probate office

By chance,Would that be...County Recording office?


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Office names

I think by me it is called the surrogates court. apparently each state and county use different terms and methods of notice.