Need Section Eight Question Answered

Need Section Eight Question Answered

Hi Everyone,

I figured the best thing to do is ask questions so here goes. My family and I are section eight and we live in a small four bedroom apartment serving our blended family of eight. I want to change my life, and I know I can! The question I need answered is this: Has anyone ever done this without losing their home and ending up on the streets? I realized that I am dragging my feet because somewhere between our contract and my wife I've been told we're not allowed to own any properties. Section eight bases most of our qualifications on income and every year there is a re-qualification. The form indicates whether or not we own any rental property and I believe passive income? This by far is my BIGGEST fear, being homeless. I know this can be done, I believe not only in the system but that you can change your life for the better. I just don't know how to do it yet as I'm missing part of the puzzle. Well I certainly appreciate everyone reading this and if you know anyone who has the answer please get them in touch with me because my wife would jump on the bandwagon and support me in my endeavor.

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