Great Deal in the works! Need Advice ASAP!

Great Deal in the works! Need Advice ASAP!

Hello family! I need some advice on something I have in the works. I have found a company who has properties in over 27 states and pay finders fees. They are mostly handyman type homes sold at a killer discount. My question or questions are. What, if any, tpye of contract would I need to have for the company that is selling the homes? What type of contracts would I need for the buyers to make sure they couldn't wait until the time expires and get the homes directly themselves? The company told me that my profit would be however much I added to the price they were looking to sell. If the property sold at the asking price they would have to see how much margin they could allow for my fees, because they buy homes in bulk and are only trying to make their money back on most of the homes. One more question, has anyone done out of state assignments because like I said these guys have properties everywhere. How does that process work? Please Guys HELP!


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