Who Wants A Free Business Card Template!

Who Wants A Free Business Card Template!

So I am a "No Money Down" kind of REI who like most people on this site is starting out my new REI journey with very limited funds.
I have been forced to be very creative in how I make even the smallest of decisions like "Making A Good Business Card"
Well after sifting long and hard through the myriad of mind numbing sites for business cards, I have stumbled upon a way to get a free-B.

Here is the link:


-simply copy and paste this link in your browser and enter the site.

-scroll down and check mark the terms of use.

-then click "Download Free Version"

-Badda Boom Badda Bing!!!! the template will open in Microsoft Office and you can tweak it to your liking, and you can even save it on your computer in documents.

Enjoy Everyone,

Jason King

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One more thing. You can hit up your local Staples or any office store and get Business Card paper that fits this template. It's already perforated and eliminates hand cramps using scissors.

Be Well,

Jason King


Thanks for that information!!!


Thanks for the info and link. It's nice having options.




thank you for the info!


Thanks for the link. It looks like a good site that many can use. I also like www.vistaprint.com They have business cards, they sometimes have deals where they are free and all you pay is shipping. Last time I used that site I payed about 8 bucks for 500 cards.



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That site is great also

I love vistaprint also. The site I shared gives you the free option and is not as great a picture quality on the house pic but hey,,,when you don't have $8 they look pretty good.

Thanks again.

Jason King


well we are very much in the same position my friend so i was wondering how long youve been doing this and having no money have you found that you can be taken seriously thats the thing I guess Im most nervous about las far as trying to talk to other investors and agents etc...... I keep saying hey ill fake it till i make it but jus wondering if you had any secrets about how you talked with other investors

Jason... Thankyou very much!

Newcomer...i appreciate the info

thanks for the info

i already have the buss. card paper and now i have the link.thanks


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You can also use www.avery.com you just have to buy the paper target has it for $5 for 200 or 150 business cards

The Power Of Networking

Like most things that are new to us it can be scary entering into the mix. To make you more comfortable talking to other REI's just know that they are people just like you. Some may have had a silver spoon to start with but the more you talk to Investors the more you find out that most started out alone, knowing nothing and broke. That alone should give you the confidence to talk to them.
In fact, I would recommend that you just be transparent and don't fake it till you make it. In this biz, honesty is key. Any good quality person can tell a fraud a mile away.
If you are honest with these people they are going to open up and want to help you in every way they can (trust me). They will remember when they were starting out green and how they were helped out by a veteran of the business. They will want to return the favor. Pay it forward.
Just keep focused and moving forward and stay in the game (baby steps). If its hard work than it's not for you. Make it fun. Look at it like it's a game.
Wow, sorry about the book..lol. I hope that helped you. Feel free to write anytime with more ?'s if you need. Anyone on the DG site can help. It's a great networking community.

Warm regards,

Jason King

"Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs."

Dr. Maxwell Maltz