Real Estate is as Easy as PIE P=I+E

Real Estate is as Easy as PIE P=I+E

Real Estate is actually not a complicated subject. Having people involved is what complicates the whole process. I have an equation that I think will really simply the whole thing for you. If you just concentrate on this formula then this formula will work for you and set you free! Let me explain.

Real Estate is as easy as PIE P=I+E

Profit = Investor + Equity

We are all after profit right? And when most people get started they don't have any money. I tell everybody that when you get started in real estate if you don't have any money then you need to create some through assigning contracts. You HAVE to have the ability to create cash out of thin air. What if you get into a bind where you need $5000? You assign a contract and you make the $5000!

OK, so knowing that lets look at the assignment of contract process. It can be broke all the way down to only two parts. You only need two things really, to make a profit. You need an investor with cash that is highly motivated to buy good profitable deals, and you need a property that has a lot of equity in it. Notice the equation has the INVESTOR FIRST. I like finding my buyers FIRST, then I go find a property that fits what they are looking for. Just yesterday I had a buyer with cash call me and commit to buying 10 properties from me. Guess what? I will make a nice profit off those 10 deals and the investor will get 10 great deals that have equity and cashflow. You can do it too!

Go out and make a profit by finding an investor and match that investor up with a deal that has equity!

Profit = Investor + Equity

Its as easy as PIE!

Aren't you sick and tired of getting pushed around! Get mad! Push back! Set Goals, Push Forward, and WIN!!! When things get tough just keep repeating "Real Estate is as easy as PIE!" "Real Estate is as easy as PIE!" Get it Done!

Matt Larson


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!


I like this formula. Simple to understand and profitable! You can't go wrong. Thanks!



Thank You Matt,

for another great post filled with helpful info. I will remind myself on a reguar basis (at least once a day Smiling)that RE is as easy as PIE until it has sunk in. I believe you hit the nail on the head. We have to make ourselves beieve in and undertand the possibilities that are there for the taking to help investors, ourselves and home buyers/sellers.

Take care,

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

Hmmmm, I like PIE!

Hey Matt,

Great formula. We will use it often. Thanks.

God Bless,
Alice n John


Thanks for sharing the information and the insight. Everyone likes pie and as real estate investors, this is probably the best "PIE" we can have! Continued success on all your real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Yum yum

ITA everyone likes a piece of PIE. Which has me licking my fingers in anticipation of a next piece. Smiling


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Great info!


Thanks for sharing this info. Finding BUYERS is very important to the success of assignment contracts.


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Thanks Matt

This is great, you make it so simple. I have some properties in my sights and my buyers list is growing. I definately will get it done!!

Speaking of PIE

Anyone care for some Apple or Pumpkin PIE right about now? It's looks nice & tasty if you ask me Smiling

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Matt, you are the best!

This formula will make it easy for all of us. It is guaranteed to bring the results if we put in the work.



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