i dont know where i start

i dont know where i start

I don't have the book yet cause i don't have $20 as of right now. And I'm turning 18 in two months. Don't have a car or a job. Is this possible for me to do this right now or do I have to wait two months. Everything here is just a little confusing to me. But I bet if i have the book it will explain everything... but need a little more info.

What do I need to begin?



You are in the right place to start. The DG website is filled with inspiration and information. Learn as much as you can and save your money to get Dean's books. Once you get them then study all the information, concepts and strategies. Become a true student and study the books as well as reading them. You can then formulate your plan of action. You can do it! Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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stay with this site, read all you can on this site. age means nothing, it is your heart that drives you, keep going

Thanks. Do any of you think

Thanks. Do any of you think I should go to community colloge for Real Estate Appraisal? I was going to go to school for film but that doesn't seem like a wise choice considering the economy and you don't make alot of money in it.

The Word is Investment

You are so young so here are my words of experience. I learned early on that you had to perform or as it's called now: programming. The years passed and I had no idea what money or finances were until now and I'm trying to beat the piper to the punch line. What you need to do is invest in real estate AND...invest in yourself. Education should be an ongoing process that never stops. Read books, articles, what ever you can get hold of and adapt it to your character/personality. This is I believe key to creating you from the inside out and you do have lots of potential. Stay far away from those who will attempt to beat you down or sway your thinking as they are NOT experts and they have never traveled this path. The biggest learning experience...ASK QUESTIONS! ASK! ASK! ASK! Join your local real estate investors group and become involved in the DG Community.

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Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Thanks so much.

Thanks so much.

I say both

do both the appraisal school while you learn about real estate investing. It will help you in the long run as you learn about the R.E. market in your area and lead you too some pretty sweat deals that you can take for yourself or refer them on to other area investors. Like Indiana Joe said stick with DG and read, read, read the previous topics. Use the Search feature in the top left corner of the site, to search for anything that might come to mind. It's likely others have already discuss same topic or you can create a new discussion topic (under the appropriate forum heading of course) to ask and share with others who may have not thought about whatever ideal comes to your mind in a different way. God Bless with your future and REI. Smiling


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New book

Hello everybody. I am a newbie. I've been sitting back reading all forums and listening to all the success stories. And it's been great. I find his website, very informative making this is the best time for me to get started investing and I read Dean's book 4 times already and I am take an action steps now to get my business going. But I like to make my first investment. Actually maybe my second investment my first investment was Dean's book. I would like to make an investment in this young person. It's nice to see a young person thinking about his future. most people don't including with myself, if he would accept my terms? I would like to purchase the book for him. My terms are. I will purchase the book from Dean's website and have it shipped to you with the understanding that from your first killer deals profits. You will send me back a check for $20 plus a two dollar bills as a return on my investment. I think this is a great opportunity. Do not pass it up. The clock is ticking.

PS, I will be starting my journal. Pretty soon.
Yours truly,

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You are very kind and generous, I definitely think Masha should take you up on it.



Cathy B

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Luckily I got $20 but thank

Luckily I got $20 but thank you for offer though you are very nice. Smiling


You have already made your first investment by registering on the DG site. You acquired your second investment by acquiring the $20 to purchase your books. With your tools in hand, you have what it takes to be successful, the ball is in your court now, what are you going to do. I wish you all success, and God Bless.



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Hi Meleah

Read the new post entitled "Attn: New Investors - How To Get Started" that will cover allot of your questions. Here's the link below;


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Congratulations on taking the first step by buying Deans Book. Make sure you read the book and please don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand something.


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