Christmas Time is a Special Time For Investing

Christmas Time is a Special Time For Investing

You have heard over and over again that this market is one of the greatest markets for investing in real estate since the great deprecation.

If you are waiting to invest you will miss this amazing time in real estate investing. Don't do this to yourself.

Not only is this market fantastic for real estate there are fantastic opportunities in the private side of real estate for financing.

If all of this does not convince you consider the season now that we are entering. Christmas, cold, winter. This season has a tendency to slow down the real estate market. Often during this seasonal time you will find the values of properties slip a little, lower offers being accepted, and an easier time picking up properties.

You can purchase properties now, wait a few months and the market will be up again at higher amounts for greater profits.

The competition during this season also takes a break. Many investors decide to take November, December, and January off. You will have less competitive offers given on properties, less competition and less headaches.

Can we say there is a better time to be in real estate? Or to start in real estate?

If you have decided to wait don't miss this market, or this season during one of the greatest markets in history for investing in real estate


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Thanks for the information and the insight. I hope Santa might have a few extra duplexes or multi-units in his sled this year. If not we can always find some great deals during the holiday season. Many sellers do see very limited action especially when you put snow into the mix. I believe if there is fresh snow, that is the best time to look at making even more offers.

With Santa Claus you must "Believe to Receive". With real estate you need to "Believe and Achieve"! Smiling - Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA


It is always a good thing to have inside info, especially when the competition is taking a break. Who likes to look at empty cold houses when it is a miserable snowy day. DG PEOPLE DO !!!!....Jan


Thanks for the great advice. Will keep plugging away through this holiday season. With more days off from the j.o.b., I have more time to concentrate on the REI.

Hi nstreet,

Thank you for sharing your insight. This is good info to know about.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC


Thank you Nate. Now is the time to strike with the competition fading away for a few months. Better get out there and get some more under our belts. All I want for Christmas is 2 multi units a month! = )



This train, Dreams will not be thwarted
This train, Faith will be rewarded
Big wheel roll through fields where sunlight streams
Meet me in the Land Of Hope And Dreams

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'Tis the season to receive Smiling I'm talking about properties, just like Nate mentioned above now is not the time to miss the slay ride, Santa will be here in no time. Get busy & see the presents that you will have under your tree this year, if it doesn't fix under the tree than you know you have a real great present outside your house.

An important tip is when you're receiving you will want to give back in return, and that's the joy of giving......keep the properties comin'

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John A.