Holiday home sales?

Holiday home sales?

Hi everyone! I'm very new here and have lots of questions. I read Dean's book once and I'm working on my second time through, trying to muster the courage to proceed Smiling
Since it's November, however, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how home sales go over the holiday season. I wasn't sure if I should wait until the new year to get started (which would not be my preference), or if it would be beneficial to get started right away---even during the holidays.
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The holidays are a good time to buy real estate. There was a recent post about it but I don't remember the title. I remember reading in the post that some investors take time off so it leaves more opportunity for others.

I wish you the best in REI.

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Don't Wait

Investors take time off right now, which means the time to strike is now, while everyone else sleeps......Jan

Inventory still moves

Houses sell during the holidays! Find those owners who won't mind being inconvenience because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Smiling


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VANMCG about holiday sales


I am told by agents that some home owners are more desparate during the holiday months, particularly January and February to sell their homes. The market almost always slows dramatically during this time of year and those who would look at FSBO or an owner carry or just reducing the price are more motivated during this time.

This may be the best time of the year to start REI as there are less buyers in the market as a whole and some portion of those wanting to sell are more willing to give up something if a buyer is ready to do business.

READ, READ, READ, and I can't stress this enough, TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!

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