Operation Free Home

Operation Free Home

Has anyone else done or thought about doing Operation Free Home like Dean did in Phoenix?? I actually was looking around at old videos and I watched the Operation Free Home one when they announced the winner. I think it would be something easy to do. Just wondering if anyone else did it....

Let me know everyones feedback about it. And also if anyone from DG Ent has any marketing materials for it or would like to give advice about it please contact me. I have really been thinking hard about it and think it would be a great thing to do. Especially with a new year coming up.



How awesome would that be?!

Hi Shaun,

Great post...you know, how awesome would it be if a group of Dean's successful students decided to do "Operation Free Home" on their own. It would be like he passed along a "gift that keeps giving" through his own students.

Ah!!! Once I get into "deal-land" (coming soon!) and I am able to quit my job for real estate full time and get more deals under my belt, I WOULD LOVE to give back and do something like this. This is not "right around the corner" for me, but definitely something I could put up on a vision board for where I will be in the future...in a position to do something like this for a family.

Anyway, thanks for putting that thought out there! I hope others see it and even if it is something that they can't do right at this moment, it is definitely something to strive for in giving back!



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That is exactly what I was

That is exactly what I was thinking!! This would be awesome!! I was thinking that it wouldn't be hard to find businesses that would donate money each month to put a family in a home for a year. Especially when you tell them your going to be advertising on tv, radio, and the internet and their name will be mentioned on all of that.

And I would think that if you go to the news stations and radio stations that they would be willing to mention what you are doing for the city for free!! But I would love to talk to someone about some more information and marketing materials so I know how to approach this the right way!!!

Shaun & Louisa

I'm with you guys! How tremendous would that be. And Louisa - thanks for reminding me of my vision board! I started it when I first got Deans book, along with writing down my goals, but since I didnt hang it up its gotten buried under paperwork. Putting your visions down on paper make them so much more real than just thinking them! So as soon as I sign off I am going to go dig it out, hang it up and add this idea to it! It makes me so happy just thinking about being in a position to give back in this way!

great idea!!

that is an awesome idea!! it would be cool for many dgers to get together and REHAB one that didnt need alot of work .we could all work together on it like a habitat for humanity house!! keep me posted if you guys need help or do anything of this nature that would really be neat!!


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That would be awesome!!

Just like Jay said that would be awesome for some DGers to get together find a wholesale deal rehab it and put a deserving family in it free for 1 year... I'm ready to move on with the idea!!!

I wish i would have said something about this a few months ago b/c it would have been awesome to do all this and then pick a winner on christmas day and hand them the keys to their new home!! That would be a great christmas present!!

Yea that is actually one of

Yea that is actually one of my goals, to help a family get back on their feet by signing up a home i buy just for that cause. I have a few different things i want to do to help others but that is one on my list.